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The Suit That Made Kickstarter History

A quality, well-tailored suit has its place in every man’s wardrobe. It’s what you wear to weddings, job interviews and important business functions at the very least. And with every suit, comes the hard-to-grasp maintenance aspect.

It gets wrinkled easily and is a hassle to pack, often needing an extra piece of luggage to travel with which doesn’t really help much. So you end up having to deal with those unwanted wrinkles wherever you go.

Then there’s those annoying stains. Do you try to remove them yourself and risk damaging the fabric? Or do you spend time and money to get it dry cleaned?

What about those hot summer days where you start to swear profusely from a 5-minute walk to the subway? Now you have to carry that smell with you all day.

Past all the maintenance nightmares comes an even bigger issue: comfort. Suits are straight up uncomfortable, stiff, and a pain to move around in. And if you want to look sharper in a slim fit, then you can forget about your range of motion.

But that’s exactly where the X Suit comes in. The X Suit is a suit that’s as comfortable as a sweat suit, yet looks as sharp as a premium suit and is also made to last.

The X Suit blends fashion with cutting-edge technology by utilizing stain-repelling, anti-wrinkle and odor neutralizing fabric with four-way stretch threading that can perform like athletic wear.

Just try it on for a day and you’ll understand why the X Suit has so many rave reviews from fans all over the globe.

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