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We have all heard of Shark Tank, of course; even viewers who are not particularly interested in business. But it’s informative and original as well as entertaining. It follows an old communications principle which states that your audience can learn much more if it’s not bored to death. Shark Tank’s lessons about profit, risks, investment and other fundamental components of any basic business plan go down smoothly. You might get  annoyed sometime at the arrogance and rudeness of certain male members of the panel (not the  ladies, the ladies are impeccably nice, wrought iron butterflies); or if you are already an experienced entrepreneur, you might disagree with some of the advice dictated with great authority but possibly ridiculous in your opinion. Anyway, Shark Tank is never dull.  

There are other elements to consider when recommending shows that could change your life forever. That’s why one of our favorites is a simple series (Hulu) for people who want to grow from a small business too, say, an empire. Hosted by Amanda Brinkman and propelled by Deluxe, a popular American company, The Small Business Revolution tells true stories of small enterprises in handpicked U.S. communities, which have crossed every milestone and gone global. Deluxe’s purpose is to encourage small and medium businesses (coined “Main Street” on the show) to grow and multiply through a sense of empowerment, support, and inspiration. “Yes, it can be done, just watch.” Inspiration is crucial.

Along those same lines, so to speak, we discover at least seven seasons of The Profit (CNBC). Miami multi-billionaire Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of the huge Camping World Corporation, is also about support and inspiration, highlighting knowhow. Lemonis somehow finds time to seek out floundering businesses looking for cash and a turn-around deal. In ten years he has flipped over 100 companies into successful and profitable “partners”, directly investing his notable skills and his own money - a first on TV.

There are various other recommended shows, including the hit sit-com Silicon Valley.

This one is basically satire but should offer budding entrepreneur clues they must have in order to succeed and prosper. Laughter and relaxation are also guaranteed.  

Lastly, we have an unorthodox suggestion. Millions of people are choosing to squeeze in some quality podcast time as they commute or have lunch. There is a wide variety of business podcasts, out of which 21 enjoy a wide and avid audience concerned with markets and down-to-earth shop talk. Topping one list provided by an established inbound marketing agency out of Tampa, Florida, is IdeaCast(HBR) where industry leaders are interviewed even on subjects such as “Creating Joy at Work”.

“Mixergy” (download the App, it’s free) invites experienced mentors (more than 1,000 so far) to share their own startup stories and knowledge about common problems and solutions.

In general, streaming business shows and series, as well as related podcasts, will pursue and surely tackle your priority as you build your company: Optimize your talent and your time.

P.S. Look for xSuit founder and CEO, Maximilien Perez, likely to make a guest appearance on one or more of these shows. He’ll be talking suits and the amazing task of taking them to market.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to pick up one of our innovative suit styles including the xSuit “Corporate” and comfortable “Sport” versions.


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Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
Max is the Chief Executive Officer at xSuit. He thrives on helping men worldwide optimize their lives, starting with the clothes they wear. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Join 68,694 readers who are obsessed with enhancing their lives.