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First, let’s assume that you have the xSuit attire ready to go. If not, your first move before the impending bachelor party must be to purchase those suit(s), jackets and pants that will remain unscathed through any potential wildness and keep you wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, elegant, comfortable and cool in craftily tailored, high-end fabrics. If the event is taking place in a warm climate, make sure to select at least one piece in a lighter color (we carry Sports jackets and pants in grey) and a most practical white xTee.

Now for the matter at hand: Where will you hold your epic farewell to life as a single man?

Our minds travel express to Miami and South Beach (where the nightlife by the ocean, under the neon lights, will possibly captivate your spirit). Then there’s Las Vegas, for similar reasons plus a winner-takes-all attitude and “whatever happens”...well, you know the drill. It’s also important to realize that wherever you party with your all-male crowd, you will be seeing -perhaps meeting- some of the most beautiful women (or men) in the world as the master of your own fate -at least relatively- for the last time.

South Beach and Vegas, however, have been done ad nauseam by future grooms. Why don’t we try looking -budget permitting- into other places that might strike a different chord? Depends on who you are or wish to be, at least for a few hours.

If you are a free-but-really-free-no-kidding, organic dude, experts recommend destinations such as rocky-mountain-high Denver, Colorado or Savannah, Georgia, or Charleston, near Savannah, in South Carolina. All three offer surprising combinations of city action and relaxing boat charters, for deep-sea or freshwater fishing as well as other nature-bound festivities. Colorado, for example, affords you the chance to rent a large, rugged cabin by the river, with all the modern conveniences. We’ll be back to this point shortly, with a pièce de résistance.

If you are a confirmed, unflinching urban style guy, say, a seersucker suit type, we suggest the culture and unbridled fun mixture of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, New Orleans’ Latin Quarter and Montreal, Canada. If music is your passion, consider Nashville-Tennessee, Austin-Texas, Chicago, and LA. For golf, the likes of Palm Springs and for surfers, definitely San Diego. For relentless sports watchers: Philadelphia, San Francisco or Atlanta...but we digress.

For the settling-down-to-be who dream of the rare and fascinating, Iceland is trending. Speaking of the Great Outdoors as well as party yachts and fishing tours, this unique country in the North Atlantic boasts unending sea fishing tours and powerful dosages of adrenalin tapped by glacier ice climbing, hiking, and other activities for Nature junkies.

As the “pièce de résistance” we have saved Costa Rica, a fun-loving, polite little country where tropical rainforests thrive, geysers nap, volcanoes slumber and whenever it rains, the natives declare it’s “winter”.

Jaco Beach in Costa Rica has arguably become one of the very top bachelor party sites in the whole world. Although some people equate their reputation with its wealth of gorgeous women-and working girls do appeal to certain personality traits anywhere- single guys don’t travel there en masse for one limited purpose. Your private choices will be respected if you happen to hire strippers to hang from ceiling fans or lead a bunch of you as you run around naked under your favorite togas. But like the neighboring Playa Hermosa, Jaco is famous for its affordability, for Pacific Ocean waves -the stuff of myth for surfers-, zip-lining, and canyoning, perhaps followed by downing cold beers on a hammock or at a rustic neighborhood bar. And after sundown, the town undergoes a transformation that uncovers quaint but lively nightspots. Jaco knows how to make a memorable party which won’t freak out your bride.

We hope this might help you to select the destination that best suits you (no pun intended). Pack your special wardrobe and go. Drink responsibly and remember that, although your xSuit can protect you from any number of -uh- malfunctions, there is no need to behave like an animal in order to party like one. You’re only getting married and you will live. Congratulations.

In need of a bachelor-esque waterproof, stainproof suit for who knows what you may encounter along your way? Shop for the only outfit you'll truly need. 

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Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
Max is the Chief Executive Officer at xSuit. He thrives on helping men worldwide optimize their lives, starting with the clothes they wear. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Join 69,098 readers who are obsessed with enhancing their lives.