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Summer is just heating up…which means your grill should be too. After the last few months, it’s fair to say we all owe it to ourselves to relax and restore with good food and good company (in line with social restrictions of course.) So, grab some sunscreen, a few good friends and get ready to host the BBQ of the Season.

Dish it Out 

Let’s start with the good stuff. So, first comes first, a quality barbecue is nothing without some quality dishes...and ENOUGH of them to feed your entire party. The last thing you want is to run out of food an hour in. That’s why it's important to prepare multiple side dishes like potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, seasoned vegetables...and of course, chips (lots of ‘em). Mix it up by presenting a variety of dips from spicy salsa to hummus or queso. After all, it's better to end up with leftovers rather than people who left because you ran out of food.

High Steaks 

Time to discuss the real belle of the ball...THE MEATS. But first, we cannot stress enough how important it is to fuel up with enough propane or gas before your party arrives. We can count on both hands how many times we’ve gone to light up the grill only to realize we’ve run out of gas. So, save yourself the trouble (and slight embarrassment) by filling up that tank before its empty...and your party is too.

‘Tis the Season(ing)

There’s no need to be a master chef to boast some recipes to make mouths water. Just a few good spices can make or break a delicious steak. And since we’d hate for you to accidentally rub your guests the wrong way, why not rely on this Grill Crate by the one and only ManCrates. Equipped with different rubs, sauces and spices, that will without a doubt help you kick your BBQ off right. 


Short and Sweet (and spicy...and savory) 

Keep in mind that your guests will be hungry and it's only a matter of time before the chips can no longer keep them from dipping. We suggest sticking to recipes that take no longer than 30 minutes on the grill; and honestly, even that’s pushing it. If you can prepare your meals ahead of time, whether that be with a slow cooker, smoker or whatever other Master Chef equipment you have lying around, that’s going to be key in keeping your guests happy and far from going hungry. 

Keep Your Cool

And of course, no BBQ is complete without some ice-cold beverages. Stock up with a variety of refreshments like beer, sangria, non-alcoholic options and lets not forget a LOT of water.  Whether you’re hosting on your rooftop or out at a park, you want to make sure your drinks stay cold which is why this Yeti cooler is a must have for much needed refreshments. So, throw in some ice  (something you should also make sure to have plenty of), a solid assortment of beverages that will suit all of your guests, and enjoy fun that certainly  won’t run dry. 


Don’t Let Spills  Stain  on Your Parade  (or in this case, your BBQ)

So,now to arguably the most important part of your BBQ…what to wear. Of course, choosing your grilling attire doesn’t come without its fair share of considerations. Sure, you want to look great; but is the inevitable BBQ stain really worth compromising your style? Whether from a fellow partygoer’s spilled drink, or that last bit of steak sauce that made its way onto your shirt instead of into your mouth, getting something on your clothing can not only ruin it, but is just an overall real  stain…errr we mean, pain in the neck.

Lucky for you, the xShirt is designed with a unique technology that completely repels stains. So when it comes to finding a spot on your shirt, there’s really no reason to sweat it. And even if you do, that’s ok too since this stylish button down is liquid resistant as well.  Ahhh technology.

And for those of you gearing up to head back into the office, no need to pack a change of clothes to get to the BBQ from work. With the ultra-sleek  xSuit, you can transition your corporate look into cocktail hour. And just like the xShirt, it's stain and liquid resistant so you don’t have to worry about ruining your office attire after hours. Even better, both styles are made with a 4-way stretch fabric; so, go ahead and have that extra burger…you deserve it.

We’ve Got You Covered

That being said, don’t forget to keep covered with your xMask. No need to compromise your look with this stylish shield that will have everyone asking where they can get one for themselves. Comfortable and proven to prevent up to 95% of particles from reaching your lungs, this is a surefire way to keep you and your party safe. (and as side benefit, if you burn the steaks, it will take a few minutes for anyone to notice)  


Keep it to a minimum….

Of course, it’s our responsibility to note that there are  still restrictions in place to prevent further spread of Covid19. While you may not be able to gather with 100 of your closest friends, most states have eased up and are now allowing for groups of up to 10 to get together. So, be sure to check your local guidelines before sending out that mass text. After all, we just did 3 months of quarantine…lets at least try to get the summer in before we go into lock down round 2…

Either way, remember that this is a social gathering which means you should have fun. Time to catch up with friends and enjoy the summer months that we’ve been longing for. So, throw on your xShirt, light up the grill and have a good time hosting the Gentleman’s BBQ that boasts the style of GQ. 


Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
Max is the Chief Executive Officer at xSuit. He thrives on helping men worldwide optimize their lives, starting with the clothes they wear. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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