While scotch is commonplace in gatherings, social outings and holidays, not every Scotch packs the complex flavors and aromas fit for any occasion. As Scotland’s number-one export, Scotch is often the first drink to find its way into unique situations.


Something for Everyone

The liquor has come a long way, too: Originally brewed from water and malted barley, plenty of scotch selections have evolved to great degrees. Whether you’re a grain whiskey fan, love floral notes or prefer a smokey glass—certain scotches tend to make their appearances regardless of location.


Sipping Scotch in the World's Most Comfortable Suit

Scotch enthusiasts are refined, of course: Enjoying the crisp bite of top-shelf, mid-shelf or affordable scotch shouldn’t break your stride. Staying suave in a slim fit sports coat at a friend gathering is an unforgettable feeling when you’re able to cheers with a glass you enjoy.

In the same way, your stain-resistant suit provides a reliable baseline for spontaneous nights to remember, the right scotches are those you can rely on. Whether you're out and about or cleaning up for an event, knowing what to drink—and where to find it—makes things much smoother.

We recommend taking advantage of app-based expert reviews to find your drink of choice. But, before you do, keep these scotch ideas on deck. There's something for everyone, even when it comes to fine selections. Let’s check them out.


Our Pricey Pick: Compass Box the Circus

Average Cost: $377 to $426
Check It Out Here:  https://www.compassboxwhisky.com

Compass Box The Circus is anything but an expensive showcase: The well-aged, blended scotch whiskey is worth every penny—brimming with complex nuances of hazelnut framed by to-quality malt undertones. Compass Box The Circus can be elusive, sometimes—but it’s readily available at any establishment with a refined taste for top-shelf drinks.

Our Affordable Pick: Monkey Shoulder

Average Cost: $30 to $40
Check It Out Here: https://www.monkeyshoulder.com/

Monkey Shoulder is an excellent everyday-use malt whiskey blend. Served best over ice as a cocktail, the creamy scotch is one of the most accessible drinks for experienced scotch-lovers and novices alike.

Our Reliable Mid-Shelf Pick: Lagavulin 16

Average Cost: $90 to $100
Check It Out Here: https://www.malts.com

A stellar scotch known for its bite, Lagavulin 16 certainly isn’t for scotch beginners. Still, its peat taste—while hard-hitting—fades into a smooth experience quickly. Sipped slowly, the scotch is definitely a drink for mobile socialization.


Our Adaptable Pick: Balvenie 14

Average Cost: $80 to $100
Check It Out Here: https://us.thebalvenie.com/

Well-known as a summer sipping scotch, Balvenie is aged for 14 years in traditional barrels before it’s transferred to rum casks. Understandably, the classic oak taste is unbeatable on hot, summer days. The Caribbean Cask is particularly great, boasting smooth, light flavors of fruit and vanilla.

Our Everyday Pick: Macallan 12 Double Cask

Average Cost: $45 to $65
Check It Out Here: https://www.themacallan.com

Macallan’s new style is a 12-year-old selection paying homage to the much-loved smooth and sweet combo taste. As the perfect blend of European and American Oak wood tastes, the Macallan 12 Double Cask makes the most out of today’s best single-malt design—and then some.

Each 100-percent sherry-seasoned cask imparts aromas of figs, hazelnuts, raisins, and almonds—making it a great all-around scotch for weekend outings, holiday celebrations and end-of-the-day refreshment hours alike. Affordable, savory and incredibly rich without being syrupy, this everyday pick is the best in terms of accessibility.


Savoring an Undeniably Reliable Experience

So, what do you think? Engaging the finer aspects of any event isn’t tough when you know what you’re looking for. Likewise, a stain-resistant suit is the perfect complement to scotch blends savored for their taste. If you’re new to Xsuit, rest assured: You’ll look great from head to toe in a liquid repellant, slim fit sports coat—even if you’re carrying a drink for long periods of time.

As for finding great drinks on the go, check out this awesome drink assistant and app: Distiller. Learn about your options as you enjoy the occasion, and see what the Distiller expert panel has to say. Or, browse thousands of reviews to see the selections everyone raves about.

While you're here, take a look around. If you’re one of our return visitors, check out some of our laid-back luxury selections perfect for any scotch. It's time to relax with some of the world's classiest drinks.

Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
Max is the Chief Executive Officer at xSuit. He thrives on helping men worldwide optimize their lives, starting with the clothes they wear. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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