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Free of our morning commute, working from home has offered many of us an opportunity to perfect our AM routines…or well, at least think about it. Sure, it’s easy enough to say we’ll wake up early, work out and get a head start on the day. But then reality sets in and you’re waking up on your couch at 3am, confronted by the unforgiving glare of Netflix’s sobering question, “Are You Still There?”  Surely, a prompt they very well know the answer to considering we have nowhere else to go; however, rather than entertain the existential crisis provoked by our monthly streaming service, now couldn’t be a better time to perfect that morning routine.

Ditch the Phone

A good morning begins with a good night’s rest. Trust us, we’re attached to our phones as much as the next guy; but the truth is that too much screen time can seriously disrupt your quality of sleep as well as affect your overall mental wellness.

Between the zoom meetings, FaceTime catch ups and A/B testing Hinge messages, the amount of time our phone is in our hand…is getting a little out of hand. So, instead of sleeping with your phone next to your bed, consider leaving it outside of your bedroom for one night. You’ll be amazed to discover you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and recharged, with a phone that doesn’t need to be.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering how to get around that little thing we like to call the alarm clock. And lucky for you, there are various alternatives to that Apple shrill that unapologetically rips us from our slumber each morning (you all know the sound I’m referring to…). From the Ruggie Alarm Clock to the Philips Wake Up Light, there are plenty of screen-free options that will support your decision to put the phone down without compromising when you wake up.

Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light, $44.95

Ruggie Alarm Clock, $69.00

Put that Poor Diet to Rest


Introducing the right foods into your diet becomes increasingly more important as you get older. Sure, living on pizza and Beef Jerky is good in theory, but the quarantine 15 is not. Maintaining a healthy diet will not only keep you looking good and feeling even better; but you’ll thank yourself in 30 years when you’re still crushing it on the court.

So, each morning start off with a solid breakfast ideally with protein, whether with eggs or a shake. This will promote mental clarity, keep you sharp and will curb those cravings for junk food that we’ve all found ourselves dipping into a little too much these past few months. 

Make sure that work out is working out


It’s easy to fall into patterns of sedentary behavior when stuck at home. When the only cardio you’re getting is from walking to your fridge and back to the couch, you might want to reconsider your levels of activity. That being said, there are tons of virtual workouts available right now that you can do from the comforts of your own home.

And with restrictions gradually being lifted just in time for the warmer months, why not get outside for a run and burn off some steam as well as some of those calories while we’re at it. While some states don’t require you wear a mask while exercising outside, erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea. That’s why it’s important to have a mask that you can comfortably breathe in whether you’re walking to the store or running outside. 

The xSuit mask is made with a premier technology that filters air before it reaches your mouth. Not only does it keep you safe; but it doesn’t disrupt your breathing…truly a breath of fresh air if you will (in all fairness, that was the first pun this article)



We can’t deny that when working from home, it’s easy to get distracted and even easier to forget setting boundaries. That’s why you should implement a consistent time to start your workday as well as when to stop it. This way, you can dedicate time to yourself and promote balance in every aspect of your life.

…and spoiler alert: We’re about to sound like your middle school basketball coach, but when it comes to maintaining an effective morning routine, consistency really is key.  It takes 28 days to form a habit and since 1 day in 2020 is equivalent to five regular days in any other year, you’ll have this routine down pat in no time.


… Eh You Can Start on Tuesday


But that being said, no fun in kicking off a new routine when you should be kicking back to celebrate the start of summer!  So, relax and enjoy the long weekend for by Tuesday morning, you’ll be ready to jump start your new routine with a fresh start. And speaking of fresh, what better time than now to shop our Memorial Day Weekend Sale happening May 22nd through May 25th.  Purchase any one of our ultra-comfortable, stain resistant styles and save up to $100 off. With stay at home restrictions gradually being lifted, we want to help you emerge back on the scene in style wearing one of our wrinkle free shirts or ultra-comfortable suits that will have the people saying, “wow, isolation looks good on you.”

So, stay safe, enjoy the holiday weekend and remember that the best and only way to celebrate is like a gentleman. 

Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
Max is the Chief Executive Officer at xSuit. He thrives on helping men worldwide optimize their lives, starting with the clothes they wear. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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