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First, there was the sportscar, with fun and agile options such as the Mazda MX-5, Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Mustang as the entry-level options for everyman. These vehicles are fast but built primarily for use on the highway -- not a drag strip or race track. Next came the supercars, with their gull-wing doors, 500+ horsepower engines, and a significant bump in drama and prestige for drivers. Supercars boast limited production runs and a six-figure price tag that is out of reach for all but the elite and offer exceptional handling and excitement. Supercars include mid-range Ferraris, Aston Martins, McLarens, and Lamborghinis. And then, there's the hypercars: stunning, turbo-charged vehicles whose stats put them in the top 1% of all cars on the planet.

These hypercars are worth millions as opposed to hundreds of thousands and exhibit eye-popping stats such as 950 horsepower with the Pagani Huarya or McLaren P1. Here are a few of the most stunning and extreme hypercars, but don't be surprised if the names are not familiar to you! 

Automobili Pininfarina: Battista

Billed as the world's first pure-electric hypercar, the Automobili Pininfarina is only available to 150 lucky buyers. While it is street-legal, the Battista is the most powerful electric vehicle ever built in what the manufacturer claims is a truly zero-emissions vehicle. World-class designers paired with leading automotive technologists to define one of the most advanced EVs that are envisioned as the future of luxury.

W Motors: Lykan HyperSport

When you see the all-black Lykan HyperSport car on the road, you know you're looking at something special. Created by W Motors, the Lykan is one of the most exclusive vehicles in the world with only 7 units in existence. This amazing hypercar gained international fame when featured in the movie Furious 7 and includes a mid-air holographic display and headlights lined with 440 diamonds. 

Zenvo: TS1 GT

Costing a cool $1.2 million, the Zenvo TS1 GT is a bright Fjord Blue shade that is quite visible on the road -- if you can find one of the 11 of these vehicles that were built. Twin supercharger systems output a maximum of 7100 rpm, giving this supercar an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds flat. 

Icona: Vulcano Titanium

Want a car made completely of titanium? Who doesn't -- especially when it looks like the new Icona Volcano. This one-of-a-kind hypercar is true automotive art, with a body made entirely of difficult to master titanium. While accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, this racing-based hypercar is also well-suited for daily use.

While you may not quite be ready to buy your first hypercar, you can still look like you're ready for the future when you are wearing your new xSuit -- dubbed by wearers as the most comfortable suit in the world. This modern tailored suit is made of space-age materials that make it an extremely flexible suit that looks equally at home paired with jeans for a casual day or stepping out of your private jet for a high-powered business meeting. Learn more about the xSuit options online and shop for your perfect fit.
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Maximilien Perez
Maximilien Perez
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Join 68,691 readers who are obsessed with enhancing their lives.