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Discover what xSuit customers have to say about their suit and the feeling they get when wearing this modern day masterpiece.


Honest review

I was going to say something corny but this is just a really good suit. Well done guys!


Take my money

The look and feel of the jacket is amazing. Worth every penny.


The waistband is a MUST

The waist is what will make me buy another pair. Super comfortable.


I can definitely wear this everyday

I love that you made the hood detachable. Makes the suit versatile.


A request for more

Please consider making one in blue. I have all the others and I Love them.


More than I expected

This color is amazing. The suit is perfect for my line of work.


Light and comfortable

Together with the suit, this makes the perfect combination


Great features!

The fit is impressive.


Looks good

Great for a casual corporate look.


The only brand I want

Once I have the whole set, I am throwing my other suits out.


Very comfortable!

Surprised at how comfortable these are, and seem like they'll hold up over time.


Love this Suit!

Such a fantastic thing to where everyday. Ticks all boxes for any active businessman


Awesome jacket, fits well and very comfortable.

Great experience, very flexible and versatile jacket.


Speaks for itself

Fantastic suit. Great features. What more can I say?



Not what I expected but worth my money for sure. Material pairs up well with the suit.


Very comfortable

This is great for summer!


Great fit for those of us that go to the gym

These suits were built for athletes. Finally something that fits me properly.


Let more people know about this

Where have you been all my life? Why don’t more people know about this?



I look good in any suit but this is really something exceptional. Great concept!


A good idea for a gift

This is the only thing my grandmother bought me that I wear without regret. Great gift!


Very helpful

Great customer service. Helped me find the right sizing. Wore it to a wedding.


Cant wait to buy everything

My second suit from these guys and no complaints. Friendly service!


Beyond my expectations

The jacket surpised me. Not my usual style but I am very happy


The features are great for a cool photo

My friends and I took a group picture in this and the water resistance feauture worked 100%


The features are great for a cool photo

My friends and I took a group picture in this and the water resistance feauture worked 100%


Comfortable and professional

This is the embodiment of looking your best while feeling your best



My favorite feature is that these pants can be worn with both the corporate and the sport jacket.


Stretch feature was what I needed

The stretch material is just what has been missing in my suits. Recommend this to anyone that has to wear a suit everyday.


Wore this while doing stunts

Actually got these pants on set and as a stunt man, I will admit they did the job.


These features are amazing

Take all my money and make one in every color


Tech wear is all we need

Just bought these and I also have the sport, I don’t need anything else, I am SORTED


Survived 2 months packed and still looks great!

I walked from Wisconsin to NYC over 2 months last year (2018) and this suit was packed tight amongst the other 95lbs of gear I had with me for the duration! When I finally made it to New York, I wore it to attend Hamilton, and it looked and felt perfect! It's still my go-to suit in the city, and I'll be purchasing more Xsuits soon!


Honest Review

Not perfect, but pretty damn awesome. I have more than one company’s stretch-waterproof suit. And I have several Xsuit products as well. X-Suit is far superior to the other brand. The stretch is everything you need but not sooo stretchy that the jackets develop odd wrinkles for failing to hold a good form. The material is indistinguishable from a fine tux jacket. The waterproofing is so good it’s not just practical but also a fantastic party trick. The modern jacket has a generous hood which looks cool and provides great protection from the elements. BUT the design of the jacket buttons FAILS to easily cover the body up to the neck as ANYONE would want in a downpour. So if it rains, expect to have to hold your jacket closed by hand! This is just a terribly bad design choice for a waterproof jacket. It’s also the one area where the “other” waterproof suit company excels, as they use “invisible” magnets to hold the jacket closed in such an event. The zippered pockets are sleek. The overall cut is very slim. Americans should absolutely order a size up. I wear a 42 short jacket -even slim cut- off the shelf at Inc and Xpress. Can barely squeeze into a 42s from XSuit. Had to get the 44s.


No more ironing

Bought these for my husband and now I have one less thing to worry about. I don’t need to worry about getting it cleaned or ironed every week.


Throw out your old pants

To fellow minimalists, this is a great investment. Versatile and long lasting and the customer service is great. This is my 3rd pair and they are perfect for everywhere.


Loving the jacket

Loving the jacket, I have gotten constant compliments on the jacket from friends and at work. Recently got to wear it in the rain and it stayed nice and dry when I came inside. The bit of stretching is nice for movement and the slim fit keeps it looking great. Already planning on buying another one in a different color.


Not afraid to get dirty

I was not disappointed. Looks and feels great. Stain free in my industry is a must (hotelier). Recommend these to everyone.


Perfect for my work

Was skeptical at first but they delivered in every way. Super stretch. A great fit!


Can be worn smart and casual

I wanted something different for graduation and the suit had everyone talking. Suits my personality, will definitely buy more.


Great gift!

Bought these as a last minute gift for my brother. Great fit. Thanks for helping me out. Delivery was on time. Awesome customer service.


Happy customer

Bought the t shirt first to see if its worth it and I am impressed. The delivery was super fast. Quality is good.



My first suit after graduating from college. These are pretty comfortable. No complaints and I have told my friends to get one.


From a night out to the office

I actually went out drinking with these pants and they worked great. Went straight from a friends place the next morning to work and you wouldn't know the difference. No wrinkle and no smoke smell.


Corporate jacket

Hope they add more colors soon! Wrinkle free and convenient. They were patient with all of my questions. Worth every penny.


Lives up to the hype

Jacket just arrived today. Fits better than any jacket I’ve ever bought off the shelf. Looks, feels and behaves as promised (water-repellent fabric works a treat in the rain). Very glad I took the chance on this!


Testing pants

I love those pants. They fit perfectly and look great! I work in a restaurant as a sommelier and show them even off as a joke and pour water or even wine over it. And they don’t stain or get wet, the liquid just runs off.



This is literally my favorite suit. I was the facebook contest winner. I wear it to every event I attend. Perfect for weddings because I like to dance!!! It allows me to move without fear of ripping the material!!!


Interesting pattern for charcoal

Materials and fit are great. Compared to the black suit, this gray one has an interesting patter that I wouldn’t really call charcoal. Not sure what to call it, really. From a distance, it’s nice- up close... meh.


Most comfortable Suit Pants....

Simply amazing! great material and quality. The only thing I find uncomfortable is the fact that I have to pull down my pants to piss. I'm use to the traditional suit pants with a button or clip and zipper. I need to pull my pants down to piss. Little uncomfortable, but having the elastic waist is the reason for that; so i understand the design.


Ripped pant pocket

The left inside pocket on my pants were ripped when I received them. And I did not have time to return due to the event I ordered them for so after wearing them and using the pocket it ripped even more. Now I have a big flap of fabric inside my pocket.


Honest review

I was going to say something corny but this is just a really good suit. Well done guys!


Incredible Value

Incredible value!!! Suit fit perfectly and looks amazing!!! Will definitely buy again!!!!!!!


Very Nice

Great suit used it for the groomsmen at my best friend wedding our guys were as handsome as ever. Love this suit and it will make the guy stand out


Great suit, great fit

IT'S SO COOL and STYLISH. I'm Extremely Happy with it. One of My favorite Buys this Year.


Great prom suit

Awesome suit! I ordered it last minute for my son’s prom. I went with the suggested size based on my son’s measurements. Customer support was also very helpful in picking size. Looks amazing!!


Five Stars

Fits lovely abd nice looking material. Would recommend


Lots of ways to style

Perfect fit! Beautiful texture and color. My husband looks really handsome in this suit jacket. It could be worn with dark jeans, and with black, navy, or gray pants.



I don't usually like all synthetic sportcoats, but this one was irresistible with all its cool features, so I took the bait. It turns out to be a very nice coat, and fits quite well. Nice drape, true to size. The material looks like a natural fiber (not shiny, not stiff). Goes-with-any color.


Love them

Love my new pants, very comfortable and good fitting.


Very innovative

I have been following X Suit's journey for a while now and continue to be impressed by the numerous innovations that this company has made. The do not ever come short on quality and the X suit has exceeded all of my expectations.


bright future

The features all work really well and I feel super sharp when I wear this jacket. A truly revolutionary product. I am excited to see this company blow up.


One purchase you won't regret

Very happy with this purchase. Don't think too much, just buy it! You won't regret this purchase.


Impressive suit!

Wow. Just wow. I am not fluffing anything when I say how much I am impressed by this suit and all of its features.


very impressed

the most amazing suit to have graced this world.


Only suit that doesn't drive me nuts

Wearing suits used to drive me nuts. Now I finally a suit that I actually WANT to wear. This suit is so comfy for lounging, working, and even heading to the club in.


perfectly crafted & fitted

Perfectly crafted and fitted. This is the best suit I have ever owned. I have gone back and purchased the corporate black as well. I am so in love, thank you X team



Amazing. It is very stretchy, and I have gone days without washing it and have never had any issues with odor.


Truly as advertised

Was drawn to this suit immediately after seeing the Insider video on instagram. Don't regret my purchase for a second, it is truly as advertised.


what a suit!

What a suit! I am in love. Definitely need this in your wardrobe.


Best of both worlds

The fusion between formal and athletic wear is very revolutionary. I love that I can endure all the movement and not worry about stains while still looking professional.


favorite pants

Probably some of my favorite pants. Super comfortable and they feel awesome. Would recommend all day.


Love it

This is such a versatile suit. I wear the jacket with everything from the suit pants to Jean's and sneakers. It's the one piece I cant live without. Highly recommend the x suit for every occasion. Can you make a navy blue one. Thanks


Love all the features

Thank you for making an awesome suit. I am strongly considering buying another one. The flexibility is probably my favourite feature. The suit is just big enough in the shoulders and arms, and another fabric would probably not work. I also like that I can slide the pants right on- it feels casual, but looks formal. The stain free, water resistant fabric is also very cool.


Overall great product

This suit is very convenient for my job as a primary teacher. Comfy and great in case of little accidents. My only criticism is that it is a little heavy- will be great for the winter, but worried I won't be able to bear the heat in the summer.


Exactly as advertised!

I was skeptical ordering this suit, but I am very glad that I did. It has exceeded all my expectations. I love the stretch-ability, and how it is stain and wrinkle resistant. This suit has made traveling with a suit SO much easier.



Got my Corporate Grey Suit. Love it- great look and very comfortable!


I got the job!

My favorite feature starting out would be the incredible tailored fit. The X suit is not only the best fitting suit I own but also the sharpest looking suit. The X Suit is also far more comfortable than any suit I have ever worn. I currently own 8 suits. When dealing with comfort, there is simply no contest to the X Suit. I wore my X suit to an interview and am happy to say I got the job. Please understand this was a very important interview at a pivotal moment to advance my career. Perhaps the saying is true: ""The suit makes the man.""


Incredible Mobilty

Love my X Suit! Tested it on a sunny and hot day walking through the woods and spending the day at a lake doing some swimming and cliff jumping with the suit. The pants especially make mobility incredible. Love it!


Love it

Stretch is awesome, because the suit is very comfortable I can easily bike to work without worrying. The no wrinkles and no smell feature make the suit good for little business trips. The only issue is the material is quite heavy and thicker than it looks, but that makes it good for the winter.



I love not having to have it pressed or dry-cleaned. Even if it creases they drop out (eventually). It never seems to need cleaning.I travel to a lot of conferences, being able to wear it to events where people are likely to spill drinks and jam it in a suitcase is a godsend.


Amazing Quality

My favorite feature is the stain and liquid resistance. I need to wear a suit everyday and not having to worry about spilling coffee or something on me is a huge relief. Also the quality of the suit. I like that it feels a lil heavy yet flexible. Very comfortable and soft.


Loved It Except For 1 Caveat

Only issue was that the material was a bit too thin, I could see my nipples in the mirror


Can't stop buying more

I purchased 2 x suits in the beginning and very soon after receiving them I ordered another. The X Suit is extremely comfortable and stylish, it does not wrinkle and loose its shape like my other suits. The fabric is flexible and moves with you without being stiff and ridged.


Invincible Suit

Thanks for the X Suit. I love this thing very much. I love how it's so simple: you don't need to iron and wash it. I wore it 15 times already and it looks the same after washing. It is very cool and I also really like the hood. Now I always have a thing that I can wear both on a business trip and for going to the bar in the evening. What do you want to see in our next version? I have already recommended this X Suit to friends. One friend has already bought the same X Suit and another friend will buy one more suit. My friends love it as well!


Very useful and good looking suit

I've been impressed with the X Suit, so much that I ordered a second one. I love the stretchy material, as it allows me full movement - perfect for my martial arts practice, anywhere and anytime. The hydrophobic and easy-to-clean property is also very useful to me. Other than the useful properties of the fabric material, the number of pockets allows me to often leave the house or office without a bag.



I'm very happy with the X Suit, wore it at a couple of weddings and I looked fabulous. It fits great, stretches with my movements and it was funny to see the rain drops just rolling off of it after walking a bit in the rain. I think it gave me a boost of confidence for looking so good, every time I wore it I was more outgoing and had more fun. And I'm already showing off my suit and recommending it to all my friends. Thanks for making such a great product.



I love how stretchable the pockets are- I feel very comfortable and its very useful to put a lot of stuff in my pockets. It also looks very well adjusted, clean, and modern. I love to wear this suit and am very impressed by it.


Many great features

The best thing for me is the elastic texture, it's really comfortable even when I'm doing large movements. The shape is perfect. And the water repellent feature is awesome. I have reccomended this suit to several friends.


He loved it!

He LOVES it!!!! It came in and he came home over the weekend and tried it on and it is perfect! We even 'spilled' a bit of some bottled water on it to 'test' it out. He was amazed! I am so excited for your success and will be watching for things to come. Jake definetely wants the Corporate suit now and I'm just trying to figure out what color (wish we could buy them all :)))) Thank you so much! Kindest Regards, Micki


Wedding Suit

I got married in this suit and absolutely loved it! Looked sharp, and felt super confident.



Just got mine (charcoal grey). Just awesome. Fits like a glove, and I am still comfy wearing it despite intense heats in Shanghai (although, like other human beings, I also need to get under some A/C after a while when it is 35C-40C outside with 90% humidity...). Look forward to same concept for shirts now, and my life be complete!


It’s definitely become my favourite suit.

Thank you for making an awesome suit. I am strongly considering to buy a new one. The flexibility is probably my favourite feature. The suit is just big enough in the shoulders and arms, and another fabric would probably not work. This could be solved by ordering a bigger size, but I prefer the stretchy fabric and tight fit. Also like to slid right on pants, it feels casual, but looks formal. The stain free, water resistant fabric is also very cool, but probably second to fit on the perfect suit. In case of stains or rain, it's great feature, and it's also a great conversation piece...


Very comfy and shields from those summer rain showers.

Just got mine (charcoal grey). just awesome. fits like a glove, and I am still comfy wearing it despite intense heats in Shanghai (although, like other human beings, I also need to get under some A/C after a while when it is 35C-40C outside with 90% humidity...). Got caught in pretty bad rain and the suit protected quite well and kept me dried (compared to my colleagues). Look forward to same concept for shirts now, and my life be complete!


The stretch makes the movement in the suit without any restriction.

This is definitely my favorite suit. The stretch makes the movement in the suit without any restriction. I love that I can pack it with the rest of my clothes and travel with a suit not having to keep it in a separate garment bag because it is wrinkle free. I have recommended to many friends and would definitely order more as more colors roll out! Thank you X Suit. I hope to make my Navy suit order through you.


I love the suit so much it feels like i can do Street Jiu Jitsu

It's really been a nice surprise to know of a product like this. For years I've HATED suits and all that they represent for corporate environments and the "clean cut" lifestile since I work with ethical hacking and also I'm a Martial Arts practitioner. The thing is that for years I wondered if a suit existed that fitted my needs. No need for Ironing, easy cleaning, light, comfortable and that looked corporate but cool at the same time. And then... you appeared! Literally I love the suit so much it feels like i can do Street Jiu Jitsu and been fooling with it a little. The stretch material suits my ups and downs in weight changes, Never do Ironing and the pants are awesome! Literally I wish I had a tie in the same material and now i find fun to look for shirt shopping Well, just a quick great job to you guys. Congratulations from Colombia, South America. By the way, I know TONS of people here that would LOVE one. Tnx A LOT GUYS


I'm blown away...wow

I have been buying made-to-measure for years from Hong Kong at about a thousand dollars a pop...pretty nice suits that I have loved. I saw the X suit on Kickstarter and my interest was piqued. It took a few months before delivery. Then...BAM!!! This thing has changed my life. EVERYTHING it says is true...it is the most confortable, sharp suit I've ever worn...the comments I have received from friends and colleagues haven't stopped - and that is coming off the comparison to bespoke!!! And that is without even mentioning the odour protection, water-resistance etc...I'm bummed I didn't buy more with the 25% discount!! Anyway, I came here to buy two more in black and light grey, but am so pleased that I stopped to review....seriously fellas, really fantastic job. Thank you.


Definitely worth the wait.

Packaging is nice, nothing damaged. Pants and suit are nice to wear, material feels great on bare skin. The delivery was later than promised but i‘m satisfied with the product. So who cares No threads hanging and visible outside. At last I can say i would definetly buy again. @x-team: Great job.


Solved my height problems with these pants. Uber comfort.

I’m a 6’2” tall young man and it’s quite annoying that I hardly purchase suits off-the-rack due to the pant length. The great thing is these pants came unhemmed and extra long which fixed that problem. And with the added stretch, I’ve never been more comfortable.


Awesome suit, need more colors!

Finally got my X-suit! Worth the wait! I’d like to order more, but there don’t seem to be many selections of the colour, could we fix that? If they could produce more colour selections that would be perfect. I would even consider doing a triple if they come up other style types.


Love, love, love it! Replacing all my suits in the future with these kinds!

Received my suit! I love the way it fits around my shoulders, the sleeve length is just right. Summer just arrived and now is the perfect time to test drive this for daily use. I'm just relieved that even with DHL the package arrived safely at work.


Best suit pants I own.

I finally got my corporate pant after a long wait. I’m happy as it is worth the wait. :) Awesome support as they verify your sizes to make sure you got the right fit. Thanks X Suit team


Amazing quality fabric and very comfortable fit.

My pant has finally arrived. The pants are long and need to be hemmed, but overall I’m impressed. The fabric feels excellent and heavy, the jacket is a little tight, but it fits well. If I gain any weight, I’m in trouble, so that’s concerning. But otherwise I’m impressed.


They feel like sweatpants. Super comfortable.

The pants also fit perfectly; I don't even need to wear a belt. Unfortunately the weather here is in the triple digits so I'll probably have to wait until it cools down to really be able to enjoy wearing my X-Suits.


Great suit! Loving the fit.

Overall very pleased. The packaging looks premium.w Suit fit is fantastic, better than what I’m used to from off the rack, and the stretch is great though you’ll only really feel it if you’re wearing a t-shirt or loose shirt. I guess we’ll have to wait for them to launch some stretch shirts. Liquid repellency works well though need to do some more intensive testings as I only poured some water on it. All in all good product, glad I finally received my suit and looking forward to what they’ll be coming up next!


Good fit and workmanship and awesome stain repellent.

Firstly, the t-shirt itself and it's packaging are just great. The fabric quality and workmanship are outstanding and definitely worth the slightly premium price. And the added wow affect of watching water bounce right off your shoulder is pretty awesome.


The liquids just roll right off! Amazing..

This is the dream of any man who loves his white tee! Tried pouring some juice in quantity and it just bounces off like magic. Fabric is nice and soft as well made of cotton (never been a fan of that poly stuff) and the stretch is great. Definitely would buy again.


Great suit. Very comfortable.

Suit just arrived today. It looks sharp and wears comfortably. Everything is as advertised. Thanks guys.


Great suit and cool features.

Just got my X Suit and got to say I am impressed with the quality of the fabric, workmanship and packaging. It all looks super premium! As for the features - super cool to watch liquids roll of the fabric, but the one you feel the most has to be that stretch. Like wearing a track suit though while still looking sharp.