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100% stretchable. 360° stretch fabric conforms to your body, providing a fit that compliments you and gives you maximum comfort. The integrated elastic lining and superior stretch thread can withstand the force of any activity, no matter how extreme.

Elastic Lining

360˚ Motion

Tensile Thread

Stain & liquid proof. Say goodbye to coffee, wine and oil spots. Cutting-edge liquid repellent and advanced stain guard technology naturally deflects even the most stubborn fluids.

Liquid Repellent

Stain Resistant

Low Dry-cleaning

Wrinkle resistant. Our unique wrinkle defense technology let's you pack and unpack normally without a single crease, making it perfect for travel and all day wear. Severe handling? No problem. Hanging it will activate its shape memory.

No Ironing

Shape Retention

Super Packable

Neutralizes odors. We've developed special lining panels layered with odor resistance technology. Each fiber in the lining attracts, isolates and neutralizes odor immediately, keeping you fresh all day and saving many trips to the dry-cleaners.

Odor Defense

Quick Dry


The best suit you'll ever own.

Pockets that fit all your needs. We've strategically placed over 12 pockets throughout the suit so you can keep all the items you’re always reach out for, handy.

Zipper Pocket

Hidden Compartment

Large Surface

The Infinity band. No buttons, all-day comfort. We’ve re-designed the suit for the active men. By taking away the center button, shirts stay tucked in clean while keeping the classic suit appearance.

Freudenberg® chest canvas and Helsa® shoulder pads are carefully set in to offer a bold manly figure that shape to your body over time. With added rich color dye, the X fabric protects against color fading and always looks crisp as new.

The best suit you'll ever own.

The X Pant is equipped with a floating lining. It adds softness and comfort for all day wear, and with our odor neutralizing technology, you’ll always feel fresh and cool.

Metal buttons and YKK® zippers. The buttons are made of high-quality and long-lasting anodized zinc alloy metal instead of plastic. Reinforced with heat applied thread to fortify and increase durability as they are repeatedly opened and closed.