The World's Most Comfortable Suit.

Special Offer: Save $100 on the xSuit Starter Kit for a limited time!

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Why xSuit

The xSuit is a functional yet stylish suit infused with proprietary nanotechnology. The xMembrane® fabric features 6-way stretch and resistance against wrinkle, stains and odors. The sleek, modern design adds functionality and style to your wardrobe.

"The most comfortable, every day and everywhere suit with zero maintenance."

"The comfy suit of the future is liquid repellent."

"An innovative suit that can withstand anything in its path."

Special Offer: Save $100 on the xSuit Starter Kit for a limited time!

$495 $395

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The future of suits is here.

Designed For Comfort

The xSuit is made of high-quality fabrics and proprietary nanotechnology. The 6-way stretch capability brings a new level of comfort to the world of suits. You could easily wear a slimmer fit without feeling constricted unlike traditional suits.

Always Clean

Our proprietary nanotechnology makes it stain, wrinkle and odor resistant, allowing you to keep it clean much longer and significantly reduce the time and money spent on dry-cleaning compared to traditional suits.

Durable & Long-lasting

The xSuit's natural polymer blend lasts 5X longer than natural fibers. Together with the reinforced stitching, the xSuit will outlast any other outfit in your closet, easily paying for itself when you consider the time and money saved.

How We Compare
Suit Supply
Hugo Boss
6-Way Stretch
5X Durability

"High tech-treated with rich, yet lightweight fabrics, perfectly crafted for an impeccable fit and breathability—as comfortable as sweats because they are surprisingly stretchy."

"It is now one of my favorite suits in my closet. Solid built, comfortable to the touch. Perfect for business travel with all of the pockets and durability."

Phil N.


"Fits better than any jacket I’ve ever bought off the shelf. Water-repellent fabric works a treat in the rain!"

Todd M.


"I am used to old school suits but once I got comfortable wearing this is excellent, fabric feels good, liquid runs right off. Highly recommended!"

Brad F.


Special Offer: Save $100 on the xSuit Starter Kit for a limited time!

$495 $395
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