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xMask Neoprene


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CDC is now recommending the use of cloth face coverings and non-surgical masks when going outside. This item can be used as such.
  • The xMask introduces a whole new level of protection, breathability, and design. By combining cutting-edge filter technology with timeless design, the xMask Urban offers an outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. Reusable and washable, with interchangeable filters.

    1. The xMask is tested with results showing 95% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. The mask filters the following particles in the air you breathe:

    2. PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants
    3. Pollen and other allergens
    4. Bacteria and other germs
    5. Wildfire smoke & cigarettes
    6. Adjustable strap
    7. Reinforced stitching
    8. Removable valves
    9. Interchangeable filters
    10. Machine washable
    11. How long can I use one filter?

      In the package you get 2 changeable filters. Each filter lifetime depends on many factors such as the pollution in your surroundings. On average our filters last 100 hours but we advise to change every second week for hygienic reasons.

    12. As our masks and filters are hygiene products, we do not accept returns for these specific products. If you receive the product with any quality issues, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you with an exchange.
      Please note that we will not accept order cancellations once the items are on route or delivered. Address changes are not allowed after placing an order.
      Our masks are not medical grade items. We do not claim any medical benefits. Our filters and masks are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any diseases.

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    Innovative way to clean air.
    Our community is the core anatomy of our brand. With that in mind, we've worked with our partners to produce the xMask. All our masks are engineered to keep you healthy in any urban surrounding, to offer a personalized fit for optimal comfort and with such sleek design that it will enhance your everyday outfit.
    The key to protection is in the mask's filter. When you breathe with the mask on, air passes through five important layers of protection before it reaches your lungs. Each layer has a different density in order to filter particles of different sizes. The multi-layer filter technology consists of the following layers:
    Outside PP Layer: Outside filter wrapping in a durable finish
    Active Carbon Layer: Filters gases and reduces odor
    1st Electro Charged Layer: Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens
    2nd Electro Charged Layer: Filters smaller PM2.5, dust and bacteria
    Inside PP Layer: Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish
    The filter is replaceable and lasts for about 100 hours. Each mask includes 2x filters.
    The two exhalation valves on the mask act as a ventilation system, making the mask easier to breathe through. When you breathe, the valves are transporting out the exhaled air to prevent the mask from becoming warm and moisty. The valves are engineered to only transport out the exhaled air, and not let any unfiltered air to sneak in.
    The key to effective protection for an air mask is both the filter capability, and the fit-factor. The mask needs to be both comfortable to wear and also sealed around the edges to ensure that air only travels through the filter. With adjustable components, the xMask is designed to offer a perfect fit for most face shapes and includes an adjustable velcro strap, to create a personalized fit around the face.
    To further improve the fit of the mask and stop air from sneaking in around the edges of your nose, each filter is equipped with an adjustable nose clip that gives the mask minimal air leakage, regardless of one's face shape. Our fabric are made of soft stretch material, adding comfort when wearing for an extended period of time.

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