Best Wedding Suits For Grooms: What Suit to Wear?

Best Wedding Suits For Grooms: What Suit to Wear?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Choosing the right suit for your big day is as crucial as picking the venue or the menu. After all, all eyes will be on you and your significant other. When it comes to wedding attire for grooms, the options are plentiful, but navigating through tuxedos, three-piece suits, and other stylish alternatives can be overwhelming. 

Let's break down the best wedding suits for grooms, focusing on style, versatility, and how you can shine on your special day.

Understanding Wedding Suit Styles

Choosing the right style of wedding suit is a pivotal decision for any groom. The style you select not only reflects your personal taste but also complements the theme and formality of your wedding. Broadly, wedding suits can be categorized into several types, each offering a unique vibe and degree of formality.

  • Tuxedos: These are the quintessence of formal wedding attire, often chosen for their classic and sophisticated appeal. They are typically selected for very formal weddings.
  • Three-Piece Suits: Known for their versatility, three-piece suits can be adjusted in formality depending on the occasion. They consist of a jacket, trousers, and a matching vest.
  • Casual Blazers: A more relaxed option that suits a variety of informal settings or for grooms seeking a less traditional look.

It's important to note that the choice between these options isn't just about personal preference. It also hinges on the overall style of the wedding, the location, and the time of day it is being held. Each type of suit brings its own flair and adaptability to these factors, which we will explore in detail in the sections that follow.

Tuxedos: The Quintessence of Formal Attire

When it comes to formal wedding attire, the tuxedo is the gold standard. With its elegant tailoring and iconic satin accents on the lapels, buttons, and side stripes of the trousers, a tuxedo represents the pinnacle of sophistication. This attire is perfect for black-tie affairs and grand evening weddings in luxurious settings.

Key Features of Tuxedos:

  • Satin Lapels: Typically in a shawl or peak style, adding a polished shine.
  • Satin Stripes: Running down the side of each trouser leg, enhancing the formal look.
  • Satin Buttons: Providing a subtle contrast against the fabric of the jacket.

Benefits of Choosing a Tuxedo as a Groom:

  • Unmatched Elegance: Ideal for traditional and evening weddings.
  • Timeless Appeal: Ensures classic photos and memories.
  • Formality: Respects the most formal dress codes and settings.


    • Less Versatility: Exclusively suitable for formal events, limiting its use beyond such occasions.
    • Climate: Best worn in cooler settings due to the typical fabric weight.
  • Delicate: A tuxedo can be easy to ruin due to its fine fabric and is not machine-washable.

  • Verdict: A tuxedo is best for grooms who value tradition and formal elegance, ensuring a regal appearance on their wedding day.

    Three-Piece Suits: Elegance with a Modern Twist

    The three-piece suit strikes an excellent balance between traditional formality and modern versatility. This ensemble includes trousers, a jacket, and a vest, which together create a sophisticated and cohesive appearance. It's adaptable for various wedding settings, from formal churches to casual outdoor venues.

    Key Features of Three-Piece Suits:

    Matching Vest: Adds a layer of sophistication and can be worn with or without the jacket.

    Fabric Options: Available in wool, linen, and blends, suitable for all seasons.

    Wedding Color Varieties: Colors range from classic black and navy to bold patterns and colors.

    Benefits of Choosing a Three-Piece Suit:

    Versatility: Can be styled up or down for different occasions such as as a guest at other weddings, going to church, presenting important meetings, and basically any other formal event.

    Year-Round Use: Appropriate for weddings and other events in any season.

    Personalization: Easily tailored to fit personal style and comfort.


    Cost: Is marginally more expensive than standard suits but is far cheaper than purchasing a tuxedo outright.

    Verdict: A three-piece suit is ideal for grooms looking for flexibility and elegance, providing a smart investment that extends beyond the wedding day.

    Casual Blazers: Stylishly Laid-back

    Casual blazers cater to grooms planning a less formal or outdoor wedding. They provide a relaxed yet refined option that suits a variety of informal settings, such as beaches or gardens. Paired with contrasting trousers, they achieve a smart-casual look that's both stylish and comfortable.

    Key Features of Casual Blazers:

    • Fabric Choices: Options like tweed, linen, and lightweight wool enhance comfort and style.
    • Versatile Pairing: Can be matched with different styles of trousers for varied looks.
    • Design Varieties: Available in a range of colors and patterns.

    Benefits of Choosing a Casual Blazer for Grooms:

    • Flexibility: Suitable for a range of semi-formal to casual settings.
    • Comfort: Generally lighter, making them ideal for warmer climates or outdoor events.
    • Reusability: Easily worn after the wedding for other occasions.


    • Informality: May not be suitable for traditional or formal weddings.
    • Coordination: Requires careful pairing with trousers to maintain a cohesive look.

    Verdict: The casual blazer is perfect for grooms who prefer a laid-back style and are hosting their wedding in a casual or unconventional setting. It ensures the groom feels at ease while still looking polished.

    Making the Right Choice

    When deciding between these options, consider the theme and setting of your wedding, your personal style, and how you plan to use the suit after the wedding day. Each type of attire offers distinct benefits:

    • Tuxedos are best for traditional, evening, and black-tie weddings where elegance is the priority.
    • Three-piece suits strike a perfect balance between formal appeal and future usability, suitable for almost any type of wedding.
    • Casual blazers are excellent for more relaxed settings or for grooms who value simplicity and versatility.

    Whatever you choose, remember that the best wedding suit for you is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day. It's your moment to shine, so select an outfit that reflects your personality and complements the significance of the occasion.

    Choosing the right wedding suit doesn't just contribute to the aesthetics of your special day; it also adds to the lifetime of memories you'll cherish. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of a tuxedo, the versatile charm of a three-piece suit, or the relaxed sophistication of a casual blazer, ensure your choice reflects both your style and the joy of your celebration.