How to Perfectly Style a Dark or Light Grey Suit

How to Perfectly Style a Dark or Light Grey Suit

Grey suits exude class and sophistication. If you don’t already have a grey suit, it’s a worthy investment since they’re a timeless stable in men’s formal wear. If you already have a grey suit but you’re wondering how to wear it, you’re in the right place. If you don't yet have one of them, you can see examples of xSuit light grey and dark grey men's suit options.

So what's the big deal about having a grey suit? We’re here with an ultimate guide on what to wear with a grey suit to maximize style potential and street cred. First up, let’s go over the sheer benefits of sporting a grey suit. 

Kneeling in Grey Suit

Benefits of Grey Suits

Grey suits are appropriate for a wide range of occasions, helping you look your best at any event. This suit color can be dressed up or down and used in business and casual settings. 

Beyond that, all colors communicate a message. What ideas does grey convey? In their article, The Psychology of Suit Colors, Exclusive Corporate Image explains that grey is:

  • Classy 
  • Conservative
  • A color that can be powered up (darker shades evoke more authority)
  • Indicative of efficiency and intellect
  • Versatile

The shade of grey you choose can also affect how you wear the suit and for which occasions it’s best suited (see what we did there?).

What Shade of Grey Suit to Buy

Grey may seem a bit stark, but it is an excellent suit color for everything from a day at the office to some of the most important of your life. 

Here are your options when it comes to grey suits:

  • Light grey suits – Light grey suits can be dressed down to fit more casual events, like a seaside engagement dinner or business-casual function. 
  • Dark grey suits – Dark grey suits bring a shade of seriousness to your look. They’re great for formal occasions, like weddings, offering a sleek, modern, luxe finish. 
  • Graphite suits – Super dark grey or charcoal suits are a powerful move. Wear them for an important meeting or when you just want a confidence boost for the day.

The great thing with grey is that even a shade on either side of the spectrum can be styled to fit your intended occasion, so landing on a shade is low stakes. 

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what to wear with a grey suit.

Light Grey Suit

How to Style a Grey Suit

As with any suit, your choices don’t end with the color itself. You need to pair it with other thoughtful selections to pull it off.

Here’s how to choose a shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and accessories to compliment a grey suit:

What Color of Shirt Goes with a Grey Suit?

Grey is a cool neutral that pairs nicely with various shirt colors. Ultimately, choosing the right color is all a matter of taste and personal preference, but we’ll highlight some solid options.

Here are some options for what color of shirt with a grey suit:

  • White - Keep it traditional, crisp, and clean with a fresh white dress shirt.  
  • Blue - A light blue shirt offers a casual, summery look, while a dark navy blue will create a sharp, high contrast.
  • Black - Opt for a black dress shirt to add formality and impact to the look. To go ultra-modern, spring for a black turtleneck. 
  • Burgundy - Go for a deep burgundy dress shirt or polo to create a rich, high-end contrast.
  • Pink or salmon - Play it preppy with a pale pink hue to add fun and flair to the look. 

If you’d like to move outside the traditional box, you might add some interest to your look with a patterned shirt. We recommend aiming for something subtle or muted to keep everything cohesive.

Here are some patterns that pair nicely with grey suits:

  • Floral - Try finding a white and grey floral shirt for an ultra-classy yet personable look.
  • Striped - Look for a blue or pink striped shirt offset by white. 
  • Checkered or gingham - Use a black and white or navy and white boxed geometric pattern to add a brainy edge to your fit.
  • Paisley - Push the envelope with a more vibrant pattern like paisley or something else with a bit of personality.

Grey Suit with Green Tee


Okay, now that you’re briefed on selecting the optimum shirt, let’s move on to ties.

What Color of Tie with a Grey Suit?

Your tie should live up to its name by tying together your suit and shirt. Choosing the right tie to wear with your grey suit depends mainly on your shirt choice. 

Here are some tie suggestions based on the above shirt options:

  • White shirt - Opt for a sleek black, slim navy, or deep red tie for a classy look.
  • Blue shirt - Consider nixing the tie if you’re going for an informal look with a light blue shirt, or choose something patterned, like a floral tie. Choose a slim dark grey tie or striped tie when opting for a navy blue shirt.
  • Black shirt - Go for a grey tie that matches the shade of your suit, whether dark grey or light grey.
  • Burgundy shirt - Burgundy is another case where you might forget a tie and don a vest instead.
  • Pink or salmon shirt - Select a dark blue tie to offset the bright color, spring for a black bow tie, or go for a dark floral print. 
  • Patterned shirt - Pair a patterned shirt with a more subtly patterned tie, or play it safe with a solid color. 
  • No tie - Discern whether or not your look even needs a tie. Formal events, business meetings, and other instances call for a tie, but sometimes no tie is necessary. 

Ok, let’s bring everything together with a belt and shoes.

What Color of Belt with a Grey Suit?

We recommend investing in a sharp pair of dark brown shoes to go with your light or dark grey suit. Go for darker brown with darker grey. Tan or black shoes are also doable with lighter grey suits. You can always go bold with burgundy.

What Color of Shoes with a Grey Suit?

Your shoe choice should be guided by your belt choice or vice versa. For example, opt for a dark brown belt if you go for dark brown shoes. Try to keep these two accessories coordinated to create continuity.

Here are a few excellent men’s dress shoes options to pair with a grey suit:

  • Dark brown suede Oxfords
  • Black leather Chelsea boots
  • Tan boat shoes (for casual looks)
  • Burgundy loafers with tassels

Pro tip: If you’re going for a sporty look (say you’re wearing a graphite xSuit Sport), then you can certainly get away with wearing a pair of fresh white trainers. 

What Accessories Pair Well With a Grey Suit?

Beyond the basics, you may wish to polish your look with some additional accessories. What can you add to complete your look?

Here are a handful of extra accessories you might pair with your grey suit:

  • A pocket square
  • A hat
  • A pair of suspenders
  • A tie bar
  • A sliver watch
  • A pair of cufflinks
  • A pin or brooch
  • A vest
  • And don’t forget the sunglasses

Now that you’re fit is finally pulled together, let’s share some parting words about finding the ultimate grey suit. 

 Grey Open Suit

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