Summer Suit Secrets: Choosing the Right Colors and Fabrics

Summer Suit Secrets: Choosing the Right Colors and Fabrics

Summers are flush with formal events and dressy gatherings – graduations, weddings, yacht parties, fancy nights out on your summer vacay on the French Riviera…you name it. Still, donning a suit in the heat of summer sounds like a real sizzler. The last thing you want to do is sweat it out on the most important nights of the season. 

That being said, many suits are stuffy and ill-suited for summer. What are your best summer suit options? How can you beat the heat and escape the sweat while still looking like a proper gentleman?  

Let’s talk about some confidence-boosting, super fly, anti-slow roast suits to keep you looking fresh all summer long. 

Summer Suit

What’s the Best Material for a Summer Suit?

Choosing the best suit for summer boils down to the material. Some materials trap heat and will have you itchy and drenched as soon as you step outside. Thick, woven styles like herringbone or tweed are also a summer no-no (unless, of course, you’ll be sitting inside with the AC blasting all day – still, these styles look a bit heavy for summer). 

Here are a handful of ultra-stuffy suit materials and weaving styles to avoid in the summer:

  • Wool 
  • Flannel
  • Cashmere
  • Corduroy
  • Moleskin cotton

While it’s possible to find a light summer suit in some of the materials mentioned above, like wool, these materials look rather wintery and often fail to project that airy ‘summer fun’ feel. So, what is your best summer suit option?

Meet the xSuit Air - comprised of its light and comfortable jacket and pants combo. This ultra-lightweight suit combines a stylish sport jacket with 5-pocket pants made for all-summer comfort. The fabric is 30% lighter than our original xSuits, making them the perfect choice for higher temperatures and tropical adventures. What’s the material of the xSuit Air? Glad you asked.

Check out the properties of the carefully chosen materials that combine to create the revolutionary xSuit Air:

  • Viscose – “It's soft and comfortable to wear. It's absorbent, so great for making clothing that will keep you cool and dry. It's breathable, so ideal for warm-weather clothing,” according to The Roundup, an online eco-friendly lifestyle guide [punctuation ours]. 
  • Polyamide – “Polyamide is a type of synthetic polymer that is produced by combining an amino group from one molecule with a carboxylic acid group from another. These thermoplastic elastomers have excellent performance and are distinguished by their high service temperature, good heat longevity, and solvent resistance,” explains a contributor at GeeksforGeeks.
  • Elastane –  “In addition to their remarkable stretch and recovery properties, elastanes resist perspiration and cosmetic oils, are easily washable, are dyeable and have moderate abrasion resistance. Elastane yarns are often covered with another fibre. This provides more bulk and improves abrasion resistance. The main end-uses for the yarns are garments and other products, where comfort and/or fit are important,” says the European Man-Made Fibres Association

The above materials collaborate to deliver ultimate performance, style, and comfort in one lightweight suit. Beyond that, these suits harness cutting-edge nanotechnology to make them wrinkle and stain resistant. You can literally shove this suit in your carry-on and pull it out unscathed for that luxe dinner you booked to kick off your summer vacay. 

Suffice it to say that the xSuit Air is made with the best material for summer. Let’s get down to your best summer suit color options.


The Best Summer Suit Colors

Typically, logic calls for avoiding dark, heat-attracting colors, like black and navy, in the summer. Thankfully, the xSuit Air is so light and breathable that you can sport even these dark colors without sweltering. 

Choose from your favorite of these four fresh xSuit Air color options:

  • Black – Ideal for your formal summer function, fancy night out, or serious business meetings in the tropics.
  • Navy – Perfect for all occasions, from professional occasions to dressy casual gatherings. 
  • Sand – Super nice for a beach wedding, yacht party, or any semi-formal event. This light khaki is a great choice for keeping you cool and is especially suited for outdoor events.
  • Grey – Excellent all-purpose suit that can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. This grey lets you add a touch more formality than the sand color but still allows you to opt for a lighter tone if that’s your preference. 

Need help to choose the best color? May we recommend investing in more than one color? That way, you’re prepared to stay cool as a cucumber at every summer function without being a one-hit wonder. 

Now, what should you wear with your slick, new xSuit Air?

Shirt & Pants 

What to Pair with a Suit in the Summer

Unless you’re going ultra-ultra-lightweight, you’ll want to pair your suit with a couple more garments and accessories to complete the look.

Here are a few recommended summer pairings for your xSuit Air:

  • A classy vest – Still think it’s too hot to wear a jacket? Fair enough. You can still finish your look with one of our showstopping, breathable vests. Or you can even use a nice tee shirt or other similar top with he pants.
  • A lightweight shirt – To fully enjoy the benefits of the xSuit Air, you’ll need to pair it with a high-performance shirt. Check out our xShirts. James G. would recommend it. He said, “Best shirt I've ever owned for comfort, practicality and style." 
  • A slim tie – Opt for a skinny tie to keep things lightweight and breathable. The xTie Slim is stain, odor, and wrinkle resistant making it perfect for summer travels and events. 
  • A sharp belt – The xBelt is an ultra-modern approach to belt-wearing. It doesn’t have any holes and instead uses auto-adjust technology to fasten while still giving the classy look of a traditional belt. It’s easy to put on and take off, making it a no-fuss accessory for summer suit-wearing. 

It looks like you’re all set for summer! 

The Best Hot Weather Suit: The xSuit Air

xSuit is proud to launch its new super lightweight line, the xSuit Air. We’re confident that this breathable, high-performance suit is a game changer for hot weather formal wear. Buy the jacket and pants as a set for a complete look, or opt for singles and pair with other pieces. You won’t be disappointed in the quality. 

Discover the world’s most comfortable suit and never look back.