6 Key Factors That Make Up an Awesome Men’s Dress Shirt

6 Key Factors That Make Up an Awesome Men’s Dress Shirt

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about wearing a dress shirt? An uncomfortable evening with a tight neck collar? Frantically scrambling to try to rid your shirt of wrinkles before a big meeting? Or maybe the time you spilled a drink on it at the worst possible time, and needed to try to hold something over it to cover the infraction?

Well, we’ve all worn a variety of dress shirts during our lives. And along with that we have encountered similar issues that arise, many of which are unpleasant. However, with today’s technology and advancements, we can make wearing shirts a bit more comfortable – and dare we say even exciting.

Stretching Shirt Gif

#1 - It Needs to Be Flexible Like You

Dress shirts of the past have often been rough and unforgiving. This makes for an unpleasant experience, where movement is awkward and you are constantly reminded that you are wearing formal-wear.

When getting a dress shirt, make sure to get one that can stretch along with you. An example is using a performance material men's shirt with Infinite Flex fabric from xSuit, which has been engineered to provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The team even put it to the test with athletes to see how the comfort and flexibility matches up.

Back of Dress Shirt

#2 - Free of Worrying Wrinkles – No More Ironing Needed

A super common problem with a shirt is taking it out in the morning for a day of wear, only to find it having annoying wrinkles all over. This is especially the case when packing for business trips or weddings that you need to travel to. You may need to get an iron and ironing board (if it's even available), but even so it doesn’t look great and may have creases in strange places. Meanwhile, you are running late and already thrown off on your mojo for the day.

Just imagine how much better you would feel not having to iron or steam your shirt again. This was a major factor in mind when creating the xShirt. You could even grab it rolled up in the corner if you needed to, and it would still straighten out so you’d look and feel sharp all day.

 Dress Shirt Arm

#3 - Durability is Vital

Many dress shirts can look great at first, but lose their structure over time - especially when they are machine-washed. This can mean fading - even tears! - or just a general decrease in appearance and comfort. Either way, this can quickly make your new shirt something you don’t really want to wear anymore. So when buying a dress shirt, you’ll want to keep the material structure and feeling in mind as an important factor.

Some shirts are more durable than others, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that matches the strength of the xShirt 3.0, due to its proprietary thermo fusing fabric technology, which maximizes durability and enables it to be machine washable. In fact, it's the first of its kind in a shirt to use this advanced fusing process.

  Soft Shirt Material

#4 - …But Still It Should Be Soft

We just talked about how important durability is for a shirt. But of course a sturdy and uncomfortable option is also not desirable. One way to get an idea of the shirt’s feel is to see what are the base materials of it.

The premium cotton blend of the xShirt 3.0 is the result of years of research, finding the perfect balance of comfort and style. This makes for a rare soft and light-weight experience that is so good, you could even sleep in your shirt, if you really wanted to.  

 Dress Shirt Collar

#5 - Avoid the Dreaded Yellowing Collar (and Other Stains)

If you’ve had a white shirt long enough, you may have encountered an unpleasant surprise that pops up on your collar – stubborn yellowish stains that don’t go away even after washing. Actually, these marks come from natural oils from your body and dead skin that rubs onto your shirt. Too much information? To get rid of this, you can try to use a variety of methods, such as carefully bleaching the shirt, or spending the time, money, and inconvenience to go to the dry cleaners. Better yet, you can get a shirt that avoids this in the first place. Nanotechnology from xSuit is a feature that helps to repel short and long term marks and stains, giving you peace and comfort and a feeling of being a bit less gross.

 Shirts Together

#6 After All, It Needs to Look Great

If you are going to spend good money on a shirt, it is definitely important that it looks as good as it feels. This is the case whether you are using it as part of a formal suit with tie, or to work with a pair of jeans (we recommend the black one for that!). 

Finding the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience through the most advanced technology is always the goal of xSuit. With this new xShirt we feel like we have really hit the mark, and are excited to share it with you! Why not try one out risk-free – we bet that it will be your wardrobe’s new #1 dress shirt selection.