xSuit Debuts Limited Edition Sport Stretch Suit with Detachable Hood

xSuit Debuts Limited Edition Sport Stretch Suit with Detachable Hood

xSuit Debuts Limited Edition Sport Stretch Suit with Detachable Hood


With a focus on combining fashion, tech, and comfort – xSuit has recently introduced its newest innovative suit model, the xSuit Sport. In the changing working environment that favors flexibility between semi-formal and semi-casual dress, the xSuit Sport is the perfect option. It integrates the highest level of proprietary Infinite Stretch fabric technology that xSuit is famous for into a modern sportswear version of a suit. This includes new features like a detachable zipper hood, drawstring waistband, and other touches that make it to perfect option for active people on the go.

Besides being the scratchiest suit you’ll have ever worn, the xSuit Sport is also wrinkle, stain, and odor resistant – and its fully machine washable, so you can forget about pesky dry cleaning and ironing tasks. Here are some of the best features of this new product:

*Flexible Sport Casual & Semi-Formal Styling
*Detachable Hood
*Drawstring Waistband
*Infinite Stretch Fabric
*Machine Washable
*Wrinkle Resistant
*Liquid + Stain Repellent
*Available in Jet Black and Graphite options

The first iteration of the xSuit Sport was actually released a few years ago, and became a popular item from dedicated xSuit fans. This limited edition release with upgraded stretch and new features was inspired by the repeated inquiries and demand for the product's re-release. However, only a relatively small number of the new batch has been made, so interested buyers are suggested to order before their preferred size and color is gone. It can be ordered at https://xsuit.com/products/xsuit-sport for a special price.

xSuit Founder and CEO Max Perez followed up on how the xSuit Sport launch goes into the brand’s plans.

“While we are focused on creating the top level of suits that support the overall needs of men’s comfort and fashion, we also want to bring in unique niche suit products that meet the demand of different customer segments. That is what inspired this limited edition release of the special xSuit Sport, and we are very happy to hear the positive feedback for the product so far.”

In addition to the xSuit Sport, xSuit also offers other performance stretch suit options, as well as other high-tech flex travel and workwear – from shirts to tees and accessories. The brand is also planning for an exciting new and upgraded release of its flagship suit product this fall.

About xSuit

xSuit was founded by Max Perez, with one goal in mind: to create the next generation of functional performance work apparel designed to be super comfortable and easy to maintain. To that end, xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion technology. xSuit’s products are engineered with innovative materials - bringing the highest quality, most comfortable, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Visit our us at https://www.xsuit.com or email press@xsuit.com to learn more.


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