How to Wear a Dark Blue or Navy Blue Suit - Jacket & Pants Style Guide

How to Wear a Dark Blue or Navy Blue Suit - Jacket & Pants Style Guide

From formal weddings and high-profile nights out to professional interviews and business meetings – dark blue suits are a failsafe option for nearly any occasion that calls for men’s dress wear. 

If you just bought your first fresh navy suit (congrats, btw…solid choice), or you’re about to (don’t worry, this is a worthy investment), you might wonder what to pair with your new purchase. Not to fear. The seasoned and stylish xSuit team is here with some free fashion tips for how to wear your new dark blue or navy suit.

Here’s our ultimate guide to styling your dark blue suit. First, a quick note on what makes a dark blue suit so worth having.


Benefits of Navy Suits

Let’s start with a bit of good news: It’s hard to go wrong with a navy suit. 

Yep, opting for a dark blue suit puts you on the right track to a well-crafted fit. Why? For starters, navy is classy and elegant while manly and timeless. It can be paired with bright colors for a high-contrast fashion statement or combined with muted tones for understated sophistication. It can be dressed up with pocket squares, cufflinks, and the whole shebang for a fancy event or dressed down for a ‘forget the tie’ sort of evening out on the town with friends. 

In an article called The Psychology of Suit Colors, Exclusive Corporate Image wrote that navy is:

  • "A Perfect Color for Job Interviews" – suggests a trustworthy and warm personality.
  • A Color that can be Powered Up – The darker the navy the more authority it carries…
  • Will Impress the Boss – a blue suit will make you “appear” more serious and intellectual. It is also associated with being productive.
  • Is a Versatile Color – Similarly to Black, nearly all navy blue suits look great and go with virtually anything.
  • Wearable All Year – Navy is appropriate in summer and winter.”

Now that we’ve reaffirmed why dark blue is a fool-proof suit color choice let’s walk you through how to style it.

Navy Blue Suit Mirror


How to Style a Blue Suit

A navy suit is a perfect start, but it needs to be paired with several more pieces to complete the look. Here’s how to choose a shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and accessories to compliment a dark blue suit - including your navy blue jacket and pants:


1) What Color of Shirt with a Blue Suit?

Next to the suit itself, perhaps the second most important choice is your shirt style. Whether you like pops of color or keeping it neutral, a dark blue suit can work with it. Let’s hone in on some specific colors and help you pinpoint your favorite.

If opting for a solid-colored shirt, choose these colors:

  • White - If you’re looking for traditional, clean, and classy, look no further than a crisp, white shirt. The contrast is impeccable. 
  • Blue - It may seem illogical, but blue actually looks really nice on blue. Go for a pale blue shirt to create contrast, or opt for a dark blue shirt with some texture.
  • Gray - From silver to charcoal, gray looks spectacular and elegant when paired with a dark blue suit.
  • Tan or light brown - Brown and blue pair really smartly. Tan is clean without being as staunch as white.
  • Pink or purple - Some guys won’t go there, but if you’re willing to sport some color, consider pastel tones of pink or purple. Both look really nice against dark blue.
  • Red - If you really want to pop, go bold with a red shirt. Is it fit for every occasion? No. But we trust you to use your best judgment and find the right moment for that rojo shirt.

Not to overcomplicate things, but beyond color, you also may want to consider incorporating a pattern. Patterns can break up the starkness of a solid, dark suit and add a bit of personality. 

If opting for a patterned shirt, consider these options:

  • Floral - Try finding a floral shirt with a white base and highlights of blues, pinks, or even oranges, and yellows. 
  • Striped - Look for an off-white or even tan shirt with a subtle or not-so-subtle grayscale stripe. This will add a hint of interest to the fit while keeping it clean and masculine. 
  • Checkered or gingham - A nice geometric pattern can add an intellectual edge or a  touch of hipster casualness to your fit.
  • Twilled - Ok, twill is more of a texture than a pattern, but it can create a nice contrast, especially if you’re opting for a color in the same family as blue.
  • Paisley - Go for a brightly patterned paisley with blues and oranges if you’re up for pushing the style envelope. 

Okay, now that we’ve covered shirts, let’s move on to ties.

2) What Color of Tie with a Blue Suit?

As we build your outfit, it’s important to ensure it all comes together in one cohesive look. That’s why choosing a tie that will look good with your dark blue suit AND the shirt you just chose is important. 

Here are some tie suggestions based on the above shirt options:

  • White shirt - Opt for a yellow, maroon, black, or floral tie.
  • Blue shirt - Consider using a pop of color, like a pink floral, to create more contrast. Want to keep it dark? Go for a slim black tie.
  • Gray shirt - Go for a black, burgundy, navy, or mustard tie.
  • Tan or light brown shirt - Consider springing for a knit or tweed tie with some organic texture and a muted tone, like a dark brown striped tie. 
  • Pastel shirt - If going for a bright shirt, stick with a navy tie.
  • Red shirt - A navy, striped tie creates a nice nautical look if that’s your mood. 
  • Patterned shirt - Depending on the pattern, you can pair a patterned tie, like a striped shirt with a polka dot tie, or a floral shirt with a striped tie. The patterns need to offset and complement each other to work (i.e., avoid vertical stripes on vertical stripes or paisley on paisley). When in doubt, opt for a solid tie. 

Blue Suit Pants


Now we can explore some of the other accessories you can pair:


What Color of Belt with a Blue Suit?

When wearing a blue suit, it’s best to opt for a brown belt. Or, if you go the suspenders route, try to find suspenders that match the blue shade of your suit.


What Color of Shoes with a Blue Suit?

Your shoe choice should be guided by your belt choice or vice versa. For example, opt for a brown belt if you go for brown shoes. Try to keep these two accessories coordinated to create continuity.

Here are a few nice men’s dress shoes options to pair with a dark blue suit:

  • Navy or tan suede Oxfords
  • Dark brown leather boots
  • Light brown wingtip brogues

Pro tip: Avoid wearing black shoes or a black belt with a blue suit. Ok, if they have some dark brandished leather tones, that’s alright. But try to stick with brown. 


What Accessories Pair Well with a Blue Suit?

Beyond the basics, you may wish to polish your look with some additional accessories. What can you add to complete your look?

Here are a handful of extra accessories you might pair with your navy or dark blue suit:

  • A pocket square
  • A pair of suspenders
  • A tie tack
  • A watch
  • A pair of cufflinks
  • A pin or brooch
  • A vest

Well, now that you are set to put together a showstopping fit, let’s circle back to those navy suits, shall we?

Navy Blue Suit Car


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