Should You Wear an Undershirt With a Dress Shirt?

Should You Wear an Undershirt With a Dress Shirt?

Explore the different types of undershirts with xSuit so that you can you decide when and when not to wear undershirts with your dress clothes.

Regardless of the event or level of formality, if you're planning on wearing a dress shirt, you want to look your best and make a good impression. But nothing can destroy a carefully assembled formal outfit like sweat stains or chest hairs poking out between your buttons.

Sometimes, you have to go beneath the surface to guarantee a sharp look. In this case, with a well-fitted undershirt. The right base layer can help you get the most out of your dress shirt and suit, but wearing one for every occasion might not be necessary. Let's explore the different types of undershirts and help you decide when and when not to wear them.

Why Do We Wear Undershirts?

Undershirts have been an integral part of men's attire for decades. According to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the undershirt as we know it has been around since the 1800s. However, the "under-vest," as it was then called, was just as functional as it was fashionable. Sailors and soldiers originally wore them to absorb sweat and oils from their bodies while creating an extra layer between the skin and the coarse and itchy fabrics of their workwear or uniform.

Today, Undershirts serve the same purpose. A thin and absorbent t-shirt or tank top worn underneath formal attire saves you the embarrassment of sweating through your shirt, distracting others from your meticulously put-together outfit. In addition to providing additional comfort, undershirts also play a significant role in enhancing your overall look. By smoothing out the body's contours, undershirts help dress shirts fit more snugly and appear more tailored. 

To Wear or Not to Wear: That is the Question

The decision to wear an undershirt under your dress shirt is not just a matter of habit; it's a style choice that can significantly affect your comfort and appearance. While the traditional role of an undershirt is well understood, modern fashion, especially with innovative brands like xSuit, brings new considerations to the table. Let's delve into the scenarios where an undershirt is recommended and those where you might be better off without one.

When to Wear an Undershirt

  • In Formal Settings: An undershirt is almost a necessity during business meetings or formal events. It ensures a polished look by providing a neat, tucked-in appearance. This is particularly crucial when aiming to make a good impression in professional or ceremonial situations.

  • Managing Sweat: An undershirt can be a lifesaver if you tend to sweat more, especially under pressure. It absorbs sweat effectively, preventing unsightly marks on your dress shirt and ensuring you remain fresh and confident throughout your day.

  • Seeking Additional Warmth: The extra layer provided by an undershirt can be invaluable in colder settings. Whether you're dealing with a chilly office environment or braving the outdoors during winter, an undershirt can provide that much-needed warmth without adding bulk.

When to Skip the Undershirt

  • When wearing high-performance dress shirts: Many modern dress shirts are designed with moisture-wicking fabric, reducing the need for a traditional need for an undershirt. Wearing an underlayer with breathable shirts like these may actually prevent moisture from escaping, making you feel hot and sticky in the areas where you sweat the most.

  • In Casual Settings: If you're dressing for a less formal occasion, skipping the undershirt can lend a more relaxed and effortless vibe to your outfit. This is especially true when wearing more casual or unstructured suits, where comfort and ease are paramount.

  • Personal Comfort Preference: It's also important to consider your personal comfort. 

Some men find undershirts restrictive or unnecessary, particularly when wearing fitted or tailored suits. In such cases, forgoing the undershirt can feel more liberating and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the suit's design and fabric.

Different Types of Undershirts for Different Occasions

When enhancing your style and comfort with undershirts, understanding the various types available and their specific uses is key. Each type offers unique benefits and is suited for particular occasions and outfits.

Crew Neck

Crew Neck Undershirts are characterized by their round neckline that fits snugly at the base of the neck. They are ideal for wearing under a dress shirt with a tie, as they remain hidden and provide a classic, clean look. This type is also suitable for casual wear under an open-collar shirt and offers ample coverage, making it ideal for cooler temperatures.


On the other hand, V-Neck Undershirts feature a V-shaped neckline that dips lower than a crew neck. These are perfect for wearing under-dress shirts without a tie, ensuring the undershirt remains invisible even with the top button undone. The versatility and discretion of V-necks make them a popular choice for many men.

Tank Top

For those seeking minimal bulk under their dress shirt, particularly in hot weather, Tank Tops (A-Shirts) are the way to go. These sleeveless shirts with a scoop neck provide a light, airy feel and reduce sweat marks, although they offer less protection against sweat compared to sleeved options.


Compression Shirts, made from stretchy, form-fitting materials, are designed to contour the body tightly. They are suitable for athletic activities or individuals seeking a streamlined silhouette under fitted dress shirts. Apart from improving the overall look of your attire, they help in muscle recovery and reduce chafing.

Long Sleeve

In colder weather, Long-Sleeved Undershirts are the ideal choice. These provide full sleeves for added warmth and coverage, perfect for use under thin or light-colored dress shirts where extra concealment is desired. They offer the advantage of warmth without the bulk of additional layers and full protection for your dress shirts against sweat and body oils.


For extremely cold conditions or outdoor events in winter, Thermal Undershirts made from waffle-knit fabric are excellent. They are designed for insulation, offering significant warmth that can be layered under regular dress shirts or sweaters.

Undershirts Help Balance Style and Comfort

Ultimately, choosing whether to wear an undershirt with your dress shirt is a balance between style and personal comfort. While traditional norms and practical considerations like sweat management and warmth are important, modern suit technologies and changing fashion trends offer more flexibility. Listen to your body and consider the context of your attire to make the best choice for you.