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2023's Most Stylish Men's Fashion Accounts on Instagram

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There are tons of lists and attention for women's fashion social media accounts, whereas men's ones often fall by the wayside and require more digging. Why is that? In 2023, it is as important as ever to explore new fashion ideas and trends and see what works for you.

From dining at a world-class restaurant to a night out with friends, your life is full of opportunities to look great. But what do you wear? Well we have put together this updated list for 2023 of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow for men’s style inspiration. Whether you’re shopping for the right suit for a particular occasion, or simply want to know how to style your new white sneakers, these ten picture and reels accounts will help you out.


1. Alex Costa

Alex Costa is definitely one of the top men's social accounts to follow for 2023. With more than 1.8 million followers on his IG alone, his helpful advice includes photos and reels from everything relating to clothing, accessories, personal care, and more. Frequently updated and always with a personal and relatable touch, you'll definitely find his content will be useful every time you see it while scrolling.

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2. Rowan Row

Another great follow, Rowan Row hails from the UK and tends to feature more formal fashion content. His Reel videos are highly professional and well-done, often including interesting backgrounds and locations. Check his feed out for some great ideas for the next time you want to feel great by dressing up a bit.

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3. Giuese LaGuardia

Giuse definitely knows style, and has fun doing it. You'll see a great range of fashion on his account - from more casual to dressed up. It is obvious to feel his enjoyment in what he does, making his account a nice one to follow for good vibes and fashion inspo. For the dads out there, Giuese frequently involves his family (including his son) in his reels and videos which make for some funny and enjoyable content.

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4. Magno Scavo

Style influencer Magno Scavo is always up to something. From grooming and clothing to travel and family, Magno offers it all on his blog and features snapshots and reels of this content on his IG. As far as outfits, he’s got some pretty good ones that you’ll find yourself wanting to mimic.

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5. Omar Spaneshi

Do you gravitate toward more neutral colors in your personal style? If so, this account is for you. The styling shots are primarily made up of black, tan, blue and white pieces. Omar also has a bunch of cool recommendations for accessories, shoes, watches, and more that can give a spark to your look. And a lot of his advice can work with the items you already have in your closet.

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6. Men's Tradition

If you like more of a fitted style -- think skinny pants and button-ups that hug your biceps -- then this account is right for you. Get inspiration on how to style a bit nicer outfits, featuring sweaters and suits. Plus, the link in the bio takes you to a site where you can purchase items featured on the account. It’s also worth mentioning that this account gets lots of engagement. With posts featuring several looks and asking for user’s favorites, you can see what other people think and engage with it, too. 

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7. Men With Class

This account is full of street-style inspiration and exclusive content. Click on Story Highlights to see Men With Class ambassadors like soccer player Gini Wijnaldum, DJ and producer Alesso, and actor and comedian Jeremy Piven take you behind-the-scenes of their life and personal style. The posts and reels also features helpful style and lifestyle videos - like how to tie a half Windsor knot and how to make latte art. 

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8. Gentlemen's Lounge

Get style inspiration, shop for suits and even get featured on the Gentlemen’s Lounge! Just use the hashtag #GentlemensLounge when you feel like you’re looking good, and your pic could get posted on the account. Also, ever wonder how to style multiple colors like blue, gray and brown, or how to wear only blue? They’ve got you covered here and here.  

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9. Gent Be Like

This account features a wide variety of styling tips and lifestyle bits we love. Want to try mixing plaid patterns? Check this out. Want to style an emerald green suit and not look like you’re from the Wizard of Oz? Go here. Browsing through Gent Be Like, you’ll also find pictures of cool old advertisements and gorgeous women like Margot Robbie and Emily Ratajkowski -- even Obama makes a style appearance!

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10. Best Of Men Style

If you’d define your style as bold, then you’ll love this account. From a bright blue pinstripe suit to a mustard yellow suit, Best of Men Style offers a lot of inspiration for more fashionably ambitious men. You’ll also find lots of plaid, strips and how to combine the two on this account. 

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While there are always new IG and other social media accounts popping up, be sure to keep an eye on the ones that post strong and consistent content. You may also want to check out the wide range of fashion influencers on YouTube to get more ideas, if you are more inclined to watch videos.

And finally, be sure to follow xSuit's Instagram account for more great fashion ideas and updates!