Debut of xShirt 4 Performance Shirt Makes the Perfect Match for the xSuit

Debut of xShirt 4 Performance Shirt Makes the Perfect Match for the xSuit

Just months after the highly successful launch of its xSuit 4, the performance tech apparel brand xSuit has introduced its companion dress shirt – the xShirt 4.

Like the technology and characteristics that the xSuit is renowned for, the xShirt 4 promises a new type of performance dress shirt experience of stretch and comfort, making the wearer feel more like they are donning pajamas, rather than dressed up for a meeting or event. The 8-Way Stretch Fabric shirts are also stain, wrinkle, and odor resistant – and like the xSuit 4 - it is totally machine washable for the ultimate in convenience. This helps the xShirt 4 to be an ideal business trip or wedding companion, as well as other occasions down the street or across the world.

As with all new xSuit products, the xShirt takes into account customer feedback through extensive surveying and trials – to improve on the company’s previous dress shirt iterations with more flex and comfort, as well as anti-stain and liquid abilities. Hundreds of fabrics were reviewed before ultimately settling on the final version.

Initially available in timeless white and light blue shades, new shirt colors such as black and additional patterns are planned for coming months.  

Since the company’s 2017 debut, xSuit has been laser-focused on making men's suits and formal fashion products extremely comfortable, convenient, and fashionable. Since its highly successful crowdfunding launch, the website, has introduced thousands of loyal customers from around the world to suits and other clothing items that look great while feeling super flexible.

The new xShirt 4 performance shirt can be purchased at .


About xSuit

xSuit was founded by Max Perez, with one goal in mind: to create the next generation of functional performance work apparel designed to be super comfortable and easy to maintain. To that end, xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion technology. xSuit’s products are engineered with innovative materials - bringing the highest quality, most comfortable, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.


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