How Performance Stretch Suits Are a Game Changer For Big and Tall Men

How Performance Stretch Suits Are a Game Changer For Big and Tall Men

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Big and tall guys, you know the drill. You’ve squeezed into a department store changing room and awkwardly undressed. You now face the gargantuan task of contorting yourself into a suit from the upper size echelons of the regular section. 

The pants go on—score! The zip goes up—you’re feeling good. Then you fasten the waist, and immediately feel the blood stop flowing to your lower extremities…

When even the CDC admits that the average American guy has a waist of 40.2 inches and a weight of almost 200 pounds, is it too much to ask for suits that actually meet the needs of big and tall guys? Not at all. You need a performance stretch suit that is designed for comfort, practicality, and style. 

The Challenges Big and Tall Guys Face

All too often, suit shopping is the torture described above because clothing manufacturers do not understand the challenges bigger guys face. Current issues include:

  • A limited range of sizes for waists, leg lengths, and suit jackets
  • Fabrics that are too hot and sweaty
  • Suits that trap odors
  • Fabrics that get ruined by every little food spill

Sadly, some companies that try to accommodate big and tall guys fail miserably in the style department. Think suits that swamp you, bunching up around the waist or under the pits. They may also include colors that do nothing for a bulkier frame. 

What Big and Tall Guys Should Look For in a Suit

Like all men, big and tall guys want a suit that will look sharp. It should accentuate the positives and tastefully provide a sleek silhouette, regardless of our stature. Let’s get into a few specifics.

A Range of Sizes

Have you ever tried picking out a pair of 42 inch waist pants, only to find they only come in a 28 or 30 leg? Unless you want to get laughed off the streets, that not going to cut it for a 6’ 4” dude. Lazy assumptions from retailers about what men look like can lead to limited choices and endless frustration.

What big and tall guys actually need are pants that are available in a wide range of waist sizes and leg lengths. Some companies offer pants with a 46” waist and 34” legs, meaning even guys who are both big and tall can look their best. 

Also, look for a wide range of jacket sizes. Are you a heavier guy with a shorter stature? By picking your perfect jacket size and sleeve length, you can avoid the dreaded look of sleeves that end half way down your hands.

Forgiving Fabric: Stretch Suits

Guys with bigger bodies and/or longer limbs tend to benefit from fabric with a bit more give. Most regular suit fabrics lack stretchability, which can lead to strained seams and the occasional mortifying “wardrobe malfunction.” 

Another consideration for big and tall mens suits is odor. While it’s not the most comfortable topic to discuss, science shows that bigger guys generate more heat and, therefore, sweat more than smaller people. So look for a fabric with serious odor-resistant credentials.

Instead of focusing on traditional fabrics, look for performance stretch suits that are built with flexibility in mind. We’re not talking jersey fabric here, but suit cloth specially designed to stretch and then return to its original state. This will allow you to move freely while still looking neat and tidy.

A Good Drape

Bear with us a moment while we get a bit technical. While most men think about breathability and stretch, drape is often overlooked. This means how the fabric hangs on its own. For suits, it’s extremely important that the fabric drapes well when you wear it and doesn’t easily crease or bunch up, looking disheveled.

Bigger and taller guys benefit from a fabric that has a moderate drape. This skims the body–neither clinging nor swamping it. This can provide a sleek line that’s slimming and flattering for bulkier gents.

Wash and Wear

Wearing a sharp suit should not mean needing to change your clothes before every meal. That said, the cost of dry cleaning is enough to give anyone palpitations, and dropping it off and collecting it is a major hassle. 

So, instead, look for big and tall washable suits. You can just throw these bad boys in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle and leave them to drip dry. You don’t even need to iron them–a light steam will restore them to their former glory. 

This can give you the confidence to order ribs or eat a hotdog after a formal occasion without ruining your suit investment.

Flattering Colors

We’ve all heard that suits for big guys are more flattering in darker colors–and it turns out this is true. Black can have a trimming effect and is a classic color choice for formal events. It can help you to exude confidence and sophistication, especially when you know the fabric has got your back too.

Avoid light colors that can make you look bigger than you are. Instead, stick to black, gray, navy, and mid-blue. These colors are classic, slimming, and perfect for most formal situations. 

Big and Tall Guys: Meet xSuit 5.0

Big and tall guys have suffered enough. We deserve big and tall mens suits that provide all-day comfort without sacrificing style. We need washable suits that stand up to real life but still have the designer look we crave.

We asked, and xSuit listened. xSuit 5.0 performance stretch suits are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any big and tall guy who cares about looking his best. Forget cheap and shiny artificial fibers–these suits are made with our proprietary TechWool performance fabric. It allows maximum stretch yet is super breathable and odor-resistant.

Our Find My Size app lets you find the perfect suits for big guys. If you’re unhappy with the fit, we will either replace it at no cost or give you a full refund within 45 days of purchase.

Have the confidence to look and feel your best at all times, no matter your size. Check out our xSuit range and find your perfect performance suit today!