The xSuit 4 - How is it Different From the xSuit 3.0 and 2.1?

The xSuit 4 - How is it Different From the xSuit 3.0 and 2.1?

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With the new xSuit 4 recently released, some people have asked questions about what is different between it and the previous xSuit versions. In fact, there are some changes and improvements in each suit iteration, while keeping the same heart and passion that you always get with an xSuit. So what is new about the xSuit 4, and how does it compare to the xSuit 3.0 and previous versions?

 xSuit 2.1 Men's Suit

Introducing the xSuit 4

The xSuit 4 is the newest and top level of xSuit’s offerings, listed at a $599 price point. The suit introduces Infinite Flex fabric, a revolutionary new stretch fabric that provides unparalleled comfort. It is also completely machine washable and has some additional stretch capabilities that separate it, as well as new light blue and light grey colors. It brings everything together for a well-rounded stretch suit that is perfect for work, play, and everything in between. It also has two buttons, unlike the xSuit 2.1 and 3 which have one. Finally, there are more sizes available in the xSuit 4, as well as different lengths of sleeves and pants.

The xSuit 3 by comparison is more of an unconstructed athletic feel, that fits a bit slimmer and is perfect for a variety of different type of events.

Meanwhile, the xSuit 2.1 is a great value suit, priced terrifically and offering strong comfort and durability.

Water on Top of Suit

The Features That All xSuits Provide

*Stretchiness of Your Dreams:

You can bend and move as much as you are able, without any concerns of the jacket or pants fabric giving or tearing. The xSuit team even tested it on extreme sports athletes and yoga professionals to ensure maximum performance – and have gotten positive feedback from all of them. Altogether, this can give you the stretchiness you want so that your suit doesn’t feel like a “suit”.



A lot of us don’t have the time to do everything to keep our clothing fully wrinkle-free. Things happen throughout the day and night. Luckily, the xSuit does it for you – with its anti-wrinkle technology that naturally straightens out as you wear it, so you can forget about ironing or steaming. No more lugging around an extra suit bag – just put it into your normal suitcase with the rest of your clothes and it will be as ready as you are at your arrival destination.

Tugging on Sleeve of Suit

*Liquid & Stains… Be Gone

Liquid-repellant nanotechnology embedded in the fibers of the both the xSuit 2.1 and 3.0 provides long-lasting protection against stains and accidental spills. Those annoying little stains will soon become a thing of the past for you - a big change from other suits that seem to easily hold in stains and marks. In fact, you could even pour a liquid on this suit, and it will not have any issues.


*No More Odors, and Easy Maintenance (No Ironing!) 

Odor resistant technology in the fabric of all xSuit variations prevents the suit from absorbing smells and putting others off. This means that no matter how long you wear your site, its going to keep its natural small and give you one less thing to worry about! Meanwhile, maintaining the suit is so easy due to its fabric structure - you won’t even need to iron this suit due to its anti-wrinkle abilities!



Interested in trying out one of these new xSuits? Why not read more about the benefits of adding on a performance men's shirt along with it? And always be sure to reach out to the xSuit team by customer service or social media with any other questions.