Waterproof Briefcases: Are They Really Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Waterproof Briefcases: Are They Really Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Just how waterproof are supposedly waterproof briefcases? How can you tell, especially if you’re buying online? This xSuit guide helps consumers understand what it really means to be a waterproof briefcase.
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Many products claim to be waterproof – windbreakers, smartphones, watches, sneakers, briefcases, and more. Just how waterproof are these products? How can you tell, especially if you’re buying online? As the consumer, you want to be sure before you commit to ensure you’re getting a top-quality product that matches the manufacturer’s claims. 

Let’s talk about briefcases. Are waterproof briefcases really waterproof? We’ll demystify various waterproof ratings and introduce an ultra-durable briefcase. But first, why is water resistance a key quality to look for when buying a new briefcase?

Why Invest in a Water-Resistant Briefcase

Picture this: You’re on a business trip in New York City. You’re running late and in a frenzy trying to iron your wrinkly shirt. You use one of the hotel’s flimsy plastic cups to pour water into the iron. It drips everywhere, including on your briefcase below. You’re finally escaping the elevator only to realize it’s an unexpectedly dreary day, and you didn’t bring an umbrella. You jog down the sidewalk to flag down a taxi that perfectly hits a puddle and splashes up all over your bag. You arrive for that important meeting (your boss is counting on you; he’s reminded you about a hundred and fifty-two times) grateful to find free coffee in the lobby. The client you’re meeting walks in just as you put on the lid. You go for a handshake and end up spilling the coffee. It seeps into your bag. You finally make it to the conference room. It’s your turn to present. You pull out a coffee-stained folder and your phone, only to realize it won’t turn on due to water damage. You’re sunk. Sorry boss. 

It may sound dramatic, but it’s not really that far-fetched. The point is that briefcases take a beating. They are an important part of your professional ensemble, affecting your reputation, comfort, convenience, and even confidence. Investing in a water-resistant briefcase can help prepare you for the unexpected and protect your valuables, ensuring you won’t be caught off your game by a little rain or a clumsy spill. 

How do you know if a briefcase is water-resistant? It’s all in the rating. 

Waterproof Ratings & What They Mean

Various products, including briefcases, are given ratings to indicate their level of water resistance. 

“Levels of protection for which a product resists the entry of water can vary. Each water-resistant and waterproof product is given a level rating from the IP rating system, which rates the ingress protection of the product. This is an important factor for consumers to pay attention to when purchasing water-resistant and waterproof products,” advises All the Science. “The ratings range from level 0, meaning that not even a drop of water should touch the item, to level 8, meaning that item could go to the bottom of a large body of water and still function correctly.”

How does the IP rating system work? IP stands for ‘ingress protection’. An IP rating is typically followed by two numeric digits in the IPXX format. The first digit represents the product’s resistance to intrusion by solid foreign objects, like dust and debris. The second digit indicates the product’s resistance to the intrusion of moisture, like rain. 

Let’s zone in on that second digit representing moisture resistance. 

Here is a table breaking down the second digit of IP ratings according to Rainford Solutions:

Second Digit

Moisture Protection


Not protected from liquids.


Protected from condensation.


Protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical.


Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical.


Protected from water spray from any direction.


Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.


Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.


Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.


Protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure.

Before buying a briefcase, note whether the manufacturer has provided an IP rating, especially if they claim that the bag is waterproof. 

What IP rating is best for a briefcase? 

The xBriefcase – How Waterproof is It?

Allow us to introduce the xBriefcase. 

The xBriefcase has a waterproof rating of IP65. That means this ultra-durable briefcase can handle taking a spill, rain, puddle splashes, and more from any direction. 

How did we manage to make such a tough briefcase? We used ballistic nylon and bio-leather. (Side point: this material can take a beating and still look as good as new. Beyond water resistant, it’s scratch, scuff, and peel resistant.) This water-resistant fabric is super high-tech, forming an effective spill shield. 

Beyond the wipeable shell, the zippers are also water resistant, and it has a hidden water-resistant pocket inside to store moisture-sensitive effects like tissues, gum, mints, and medication. 

Everything about this briefcase is designed to keep your valuables safe and dry at all times. We want you to move through your day with confidence, knowing your important paperwork, electronics, and other valuables are protected from coffee spills and stormy weather.

Do we recommend using the xBriefcase as a buoy on your next boating trip? Can we guarantee your belongings won’t get damaged in the case of a flood or hurricane? Should you go deep sea diving with your briefcase in tow? Short answer: no. In fact, few products are truly waterproof in this sense.

However, what is the likelihood that your briefcase will need to endure more than the occasional (or frequent, depending on who you are and where you live) spill or storm? The chances are probably pretty low — especially if you take care to close the bag properly. 

In any case, the xBriefcase is as tough as it gets in the briefcase industry. This revolutionary briefcase design delivers superior performance and strength at a fraction of the cost of less durable competitors. Not to mention, it comes with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects to cover life’s ‘what ifs.’ 

Now that the practical points are covered, it would be a shame not to mention that the xBriefcase is modern yet timelessly stylish. It offers luxury elegance with a gentleman’s edge. Plus, the padded strap and ergonomic leather handles provide all-day comfort. 

Ready to get your xBriefcase? Good call. Don’t forget to pair it with an xSuit.