Introducing xBriefcase: The World’s Most Durable and High-Tech Briefcase, Designed for Modern Professionals

Introducing xBriefcase: The World’s Most Durable and High-Tech Briefcase, Designed for Modern Professionals

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xBriefcase is unlike any other on the market. From the creators of xSuit, the world’s most comfortable suit, xBriefcase is spill proof, drop proof and guaranteed for life; freshly launched on Kickstarter


After a couple years of remote work, it’s time to dust off the dress shoes and put on suits and ties again. But what about the perfect briefcase to complete the look? Look no further than xBriefcase, the newest creation from xSuit, the makers of the world’s most comfortable suit.

Launched on Kickstarter May 9, 2023 (click here to view listing), xBriefcase is designed for anyone who demands both fashion and functionality in their work accessories. This premium briefcase is unlike any other on the market, with a spill-proof, drop-proof design that's guaranteed for life. It is the result of years of research and development, and features a number of advanced technologies and design elements that set it apart from the competition.

The xBriefcase boasts 19 smart pockets that keep everything organized and secure, and features a lifetime warranty, making it the only briefcase you'll ever need. The high-density foam padding, ABS honeycomb, and elasticized fusing provide three times more shock absorption and 2.5 times more durability than other premium briefcases.

But xBriefcase doesn't just protect your belongings. Its modern aesthetic and luxury design ensure the best appearance, while its ergonomic handles and padded shoulder strap guarantee comfort all day long. It even includes a modular laptop sleeve, detachable key ring, and hidden AirTag pocket.

In 2017, xSuit re-defined the suit with the launch of its revolutionary super-stretch, water-resistant, ultra-comfortable stretch suit, which has become a leading global brand for young professionals. Now - after 5 years of growth and a reputation as the world’s most comfortable suit - it’s doing the same for the briefcase with the launch of xBriefcase.

Max Perez, xSuit Founder and CEO, said, “We set out to make a briefcase that looks incredible and exceeds expectations, and we’re confident xBriefcase does that and more, at a fraction of the cost that other premium briefcases charge.”

The xBriefcase Kickstarter campaign is launching with a funding goal of $50,000. The company plans to use the funds raised to manufacture the first production run of the xBriefcase and to invest in additional research and development for future iterations. In addition to the funding goal, the campaign also has several stretch goals in place, which will unlock additional features and upgrades for the xBriefcase if they are met. If the campaign reaches $250,000 in funding, the company will expand its colors by adding a brown option, as well as create different size iterations such as a super sleek slimmer/thinner version of the xBriefcase. Backers can expect to receive their xBriefcases within 3 months of the campaign’s conclusion, and early bird backers can take advantage of additional options.

Visit to see more info and receive the best discounts. Join the mission to create modern clothing that's comfortable, stylish, and easy to maintain for men all over the globe. The xBriefcase completes the full professional look and carries everything needed, all in one stylish and functional package.

xBriefcase’s Unique Features include:

  •       Premium design with advanced ergonomics, modern esthetic and luxury design
  •       19 specially designed smart pockets to keep everything secure and organized
  •       Drop protection with high-density foam padding, ABS honeycomb and elasticized fusing   providing 3x more shock absorption and 2.5x more durability than legacy industry leaders
  •       Spill Proof and Water Resistant
  •       Lifetime warranty
  •       Extra comfort with ergonomic handles + padded shoulder strap
  •       Scratch and scuff resistant with ballistic nylon and reinforced stitching
  •       Easy grip zippers, stabilizing feet, secure clasp, quick-lock clasp
  •       Accessories included: modular laptop sleeve, detachable key ring and hidden AirTag pocket
  •       Hidden luggage sleeve to easily slide-on and secure xBriefcase to carry-on bag handle


About xSuit & xBriefcase

We believe that you should never have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. The clothes you wear should complement your looks and your lifestyle, not just your looks.

We seek out and develop the most cutting-edge technology in order to make the most comfortable clothing that keeps you looking your best all day long.

Join us on our mission to create modern clothing that’s comfortable, stylish and easy-to-maintain for men all over the globe.

xBriefcase is the perfect complement to our popular clothing lines. Drop protection. Effortless organization. Ergonomic design. The new standard in briefcases for modern men.


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