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5 Ways the New xSuit 3.0 Can Be a Game-Changer for You

You likely have at least one suit in your closet already (maybe even a previous xSuit), and may be wondering: what is the big deal about the new xSuit 3.0? Is it worth an upgrade for the features? On its surface appearance, the xSuit 3.0 looks similar to its predecessors, but the story inside of it reveals a lot more.

Over the past 15 months, the xSuit team has been working on research, development, materials testing, and incorporating user feedback into building the ultimate new suit. Along the way, the company has developed its new Infinite Flex technology - the first of its kind – that provides a new level of comfort and stretch feel. While this costs more to make, we think that the benefits here will show how worth it these efforts were.

Here are 5 aspects of the new xSuit 3.0 that may make you re-think everything you knew about wearing your suit.

Stretching Hand Suit

1) You’ll get stretch that feels like pajamas

You might not want to sleep or work out in a suit, but with the xSuit 3.0, you could so it comfortably. Its new proprietary Infinite Flex super flexible suit fabric has been engineered to provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement – allowing for maximum bending and movement, without any concerns of the jacket or pants fabric giving or tearing. The xSuit team even tested it on extreme sports athletes and yoga professionals to ensure maximum performance – and have gotten positive feedback from all of them. Altogether, this can give you the stretchiness you want so that your suit doesn’t feel like a “suit”.


Inside Washing Machine

2) You never have to go the dry cleaners again

Perhaps the biggest new development of the xSuit 3.0 is its proprietary thermo-fusing technology that maximizes durability, and enables it to be fully machine washable. That means no more trips to the dry cleaners for you – saving time, convenience, and money. Instead of dreading when to drop off and pick up your suit, you can just throw it in the washing machine and it will come out as attractive as before. This feature alone can save you a ton of money (and time) that will make the upgrade to the 3.0 worth it – especially for those who are more frequent suit wearers. Its hard to get a really good and comfortable suit that is fully machine washable, but the xSuit 3.0 manages to do it!

Packing Suit

3) No more stressing about wrinkles for your trips or occasions

Some people are meticulous on how they keep their clothes, or pack them on trips. But a lot of us don’t have the time to do everything to keep our clothing fully wrinkle-free. Luckily, the xSuit does is able to take care of this – with its anti-wrinkle technology that naturally straightens out as you wear it, so you can forget about ironing or steaming. No more lugging around an extra suit bag – just put it into your normal suitcase with the rest of your clothes and it will be as ready as you are at your arrival destination. Piece it with a men's performance shirt for extra bonus benefits.

Suit in Water

4) You’ll free your mind of liquid, stain, and odor concerns

Besides wrinkles, there are a lot of concerns that no through a man’s mind when they are at important events where they need a suit – whether it is work, a wedding, or a nice date. These include the fear of rain or liquids causing wetness an inconvenience, accidental stains, or unfriendly smells that could develop as the day or night go on. These have always been major factors for the xSuit to target – and this continues with the xSuit 3.0, which continues to make it a leader in these areas compared with other suits. We challenge you to put yours to the test and see for yourself how durable and repellent to liquid, stains, and odors that it really is!

Graphite Suit

5) You have a lot of sizes and 3 awesome colors to choose from – including a new Graphite variation

While the Jet Black and Midnight Blue are the most popular colors tested with our fans, the new Graphite color is also striking and stands out from the rest. If you are bit more on the outgoing side and want to stand out some more while still looking great, you could give it a try. If you want to get 2 suits, a great combination could be to get one black or blue, and one graphite one. You can see more here about how to choose your shirt color.


Suit Walking Down Stairs

As you can see, the xSuit 3.0 looks great – but what really matters is what’s below the surface. And that is the incredible research, technology, and top quality materials that have gone into making the xSuit 3.0 the most comfortable and stretchy machine washable suit on the planet. Why not try one out to see for yourself? If you have another suit (or a previous xSuit), one solution would be to get a different color than your current one and keep both in your closet. That way you can compare them and feel for yourself what the difference is. And you’ll always have the option of getting a new 3.0 pants and jacket suit combo down the line if you feel it is as comfortable as we do!