Our Materials

Garments as clean and comfy as you’ll ever get.

What we wear is half the story, it’s time to discover what modern comfort looks like, without the maintenance.

Here's what is wrong with your clothes

They absorb stains

They smell easily

You need to iron them

They’re uncomfortable

They don’t fit well


Without Maintenance

6-way stretch

Super elasticized fabrics and threading to offer unparalleled freedom of movement.

Minimal washing

Stain, wrinkle and odor resistant tech extends every wear and reduces the amount of washing and ironing.

Long lasting

Constructed with extra durable stitching, trims and accessories to last 5x longer than leading brands.


The New Standard of Suiting

No More Dry-Cleaning

High quality nano-coated particle fabrics free of stains, wrinkles, odors and any life “accidents” that make clothing a hassle.

Made for movement

We built every garment with the same amount of comfort you’ll see in activewear or home-wear pieces. Because you’re not only moving at the gym.

Own less, for longer

Imported materials and hand-crafted to the slightest detail, replace 5 of your garments with one of ours.

What you’re left with

Versatile and adaptable outfits

Packable into the overhead bin

No more weekly trips to the dry cleaner

Minimal and long lasting essentials

Combine your work and play wardrobe

Discover xSuit

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