The World's Most Comfortable Suit

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Over 10,000 xMen Have Spoken.

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“The most comfortable, every day and everywhere suit with zero maintenance.”

“The comfy suit of the future is liquid repellent.”

“An innovative suit that can withstand anything in its path.”

“This has got to be the coolest suit I have ever seen.”

Quality Stretch Suits, Without The Maintenance

Quality Stretch Suits, Without The Maintenance

Made with patented nanotechnology and premium 6-way stretch fabrics. Our garments are comfortable to wear and require little to no maintenance.

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Designed with
minimalism in mind

Sets come equipped with easy to use travel bag and all the essential to keep your closet organized and pristine.

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Designed with
minimalism in mind

We engineered
the world’s safest masks

xMask Air

Light in weight. Heavy in features.

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xMask Sport

Made for an active life and easy breathing.

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xMask Pro

Ultimate 360 degree protection

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Better for the planet.
Designed for real life durability.

No harmful chemicals

Our nanotechnology finishing is free of harmful & toxic chemicals. This means no itching and no harmful toxins released during washes.

Earth friendly fabrics

Premium blends of synthetic yarn is dyed with minimal toxic waste, which uses less CO2 during production than natural fibres and harmful dyes.

Ethically manufactured

We support manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

Lasts 5x longer

We spare no expense and use quality trims and hand-crafted constructions, so your garments last longer, and require less replacements.

All In Good Looks

820 reviews

“What I, personally, love about these products is the elasticity and quality of the xSuit, how easy it is to clean the inner collar of the xShirt, and high-end build of the xMask.”

C. Cash | ★★★★★

“It is now one of my favorite suits in my closet. Solid built, comfortable to the touch. Perfect for business travel with all of the pockets and durability.”

Phil N. | ★★★★★

“Fits better than any jacket I’ve ever bought off the shelf. Water-repellent fabric works a treat in the rain!”

Todd M. | ★★★★★

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