The Suit of the Future

The X Suit is the only suit you will ever need.


Power Suit of the Summer


Suited. For the Future.

Our vision is to create tech apparel that gives you the confidence, comfort and, above all else, the freedom to live your life. Our gear is designed to be intuitive. It exists to work with your body, not against it. To harmonize with your environment not fight it. To adapt to your lifestyle, not burden it.

Stainless & Liquid-Proof

Cutting-edge liquid repellant and advanced stain guard technology naturally deflects even the most stubborn fluids. Say goodbye to coffee, wine and oil spots. Liquids already embedded in the fabric can be easily absorbed with a wet cloth, reducing overall maintenance requirements.

4 Way Stretch

Adaptable 360° stretch fabric conforms to your body, providing a formfitting fit without compromising comfort. Integrated elastic lining and superior stretch thread withstand the force of any activity, no matter how extreme.

Wrinkle Resistant.

Our unique wrinkle defence technology let's you pack and unpack normally without a single crease, making it perfect for travel and all day wear. Severe handling? No problem. Hanging it will activate its shape memory.

Odor Neutralizing

We've developed special lining panels layered with our odor resistance technology. Each fiber in the lining attracts, isolates and neutralizes odor immediately, keeping you fresh all day long and reducing the amount of dry-cleaning necessary.

Discovery Channel's review

The X Suit blew the minds of our friends at Discovery Channel's Daily Planet. See for yourself why we call it the suit of the future.


A "zero maintenance garment that will repel water and wine, stretch in four different ways and neutralizes odours, among other superpowers.

This suit takes you from a bike to the offie, to a wedding, in style

Simply the coolest, most comfortable suit you'll ever own. And it's liquid proof!

X Suit Campaign Video

Here's a quick showcase of what the X Suit is truly made of.

Simply the best suit you'll ever own.

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