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“The most comfortable, every day and everywhere suit.”

“Moves and breathes like no other suit we’ve ever worn before.”

“An amazing, dynamic piece of fashion.”

“The comfy suit of the future is liquid repellent.”

“An innovative suit that can withstand anything in its path.”

A New Era of Suiting

Made with proprietary fabric technology, the xSuit is the answer to the age-old problems of suits. Years of research and development have gone into making a suit that lets you look and feel your best without compromise.

6-Way Stretch Comfort

Never feel uncomfortable in a suit again. Say goodbye to that tightness in your shoulders that prevents you from moving your arms more than five inches away from your body. Our proprietary stretch fabric is revolutionary and feels almost like sports wear. You won't want to wear any other suit again after trying xSuit.

Liquid + Stain Repellent

Advanced nanotechnology repels liquids and stains like magic, keeping the xSuit clean and stain-free all week long. Wiping spilled coffee right off the fabric is something that will impress anyone who witnesses this modern day miracle. Our nanotechnology was developed in the USA and is 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Naturally Wrinkle Resistant

Stop ironing or steaming your suits every day. Wrinkle resistant technology in the fabric naturally releases wrinkles as you wear it. You can pack the xSuit in a suitcase, gym bag or even a back pack without worrying about getting it all messed up.

Minimal Maintenance

The xSuit was designed to compliment the modern man's lifestyle, not impede it. Saving time and money is easy when your suit is resistant to wrinkles, stains and odors. Imagine being able to wear your suit for a week straight without having to send it to the dry cleaners even once.

What People Are Saying

"It is now one of my favorite suits in my closet. Solid built, comfortable to the touch. Perfect for business travel with all of the pockets and durability."

- Shadi S.

"It doesn't feel like I'm compromising on comfort or my relaxed style. I definitely recommend this if you plan to wear suits for any extended amount of time."

- Brandon S.

"Wore this jacket for the first time to a wedding that got pretty lively. Performs as advertised. No stains or rips and I kind of forgot I was wearing it a few times."

- Daniel B.

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