A Focus on Quality & Sustainability

Made with the environment and community in mind.

Building A Better World

xSuit is dedicated to utilizing the best materials and high quality products, as well as working with sustainable factories and partners that share in our mission.

By having a Quality First focus, you end up having to buy less items and spend less money in the longer term. Meanwhile, we strive to give back to our communities – through local projects and donation initiatives that can help give a boost to those in need.

Quality & Sustainability

In today’s world of fast-fashion and discount retailers, it's almost encouraged to buy cheaper products more frequently–with the clothing wearing out and needing to be discarded often. At xSuit, we believe in buying fewer, better products for a sustainable, minimalistic, and in the long-term more affordable lifestyle.

Less Wastage

During production, we only use top quality materials that last a long time and don't need to be replaced often. So instead of a cupboard full of suits, you can just buy one or two and be confident in having great quality that lasts. The stain and odor resistant features of our products also contribute to a longer lifespan due to less washing.

Better For The Planet.
Designed For Real Life Durability.

No Harmful Chemicals

Our nanotechnology finishing is free of harmful & toxic chemicals. This means no itching and no harmful toxins released during washes.

Earth-Friendly Fabrics

Premium blends of synthetic yarn is dyed with minimal toxic waste, which uses less CO2 during production than natural fibres and harmful dyes.

Ethically Manufactured

We support manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

Sustainable Partners and Processes

There are many factories around the world that can produce clothing – but not nearly as many that have the dedication to quality, ethics, and sustainability that we seek.

This is why we search far and wide to find the best production partners, and make sure to work closely with them every step of the way in our sourcing and delivery cycle.

While these processes are not easy to establish – often taking more time and money – in the long-term we believe that they will create the best value, both for our users and the community as a whole.

Giving Back to the Community

xSuit is always looking to give back to those communities in need, especially when we can do so by contributing our products. Here are a couple example of current projects that we are very excited to participate in:

Masks Contribution to Frontline Workers

After the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, xSuit began a mission of creating the most comfortable, stylish, and protective masks to support people across the world. The masks proved to be a big hit among our customers, and as a way to give back, xSuit contributed more than 40,000 masks to frontline workers in hospitals that included NYU and UCLA – in the two largest metropolitan areas of the United States.

Providing Suits to Communities in Need

A suit is a must-have to give a great impression for an interview. But what happens when the job applicant can’t afford to get a suit and look presentable? xSuit is proud to begin its program of working with local urban communities to provide clothes to men out of work or recently entering the workplace. This helps to provide both the physical outfit, as well as a confidence boost that can help bring about positivity and change where it is needed most.

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