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Do Suits Still Matter in a Post-COVID World?

You’re in an important meeting online. What are you wearing? 

If your answer is a dress shirt and tie on top and pajama pants or joggers on the bottom, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic drove millions of workers around the world indoors, turning kitchen tables into office space and computers into conference rooms.  

One of the changes for those who worked from home during the height of the pandemic and still continue to work from home is their dress code. When they went to the office, they often wore suits or other formal styling. Working from home, though, turned every day into casual Friday.

We’ve had a year of virtual cocktail parties and eating at home in small groups or alone. 

Now that the world is emerging from COVID-19, workers are heading back to the office most if not all workdays, and people are going out again to restaurants and bars. Weddings and parties are being held again.  

What will men reach for when getting dressed? After a year of casual wear or even of working in T-shirts and pajamas, will suits still matter post-COVID? 

Our answer at xSuit is a resounding, “Yes!” 

Here are five reasons suits will still be a man’s go-to for conferences, cocktails, and everything in between. 

5 Big Reasons That Suits Still Give You an Edge


1) Suits Have a Classic Coolness Factor 

Think Cary Grant, Sean Connery, or among today’s stars, Ryan Gosling and Benedict Cumberbatch. A man impeccably dressed in a well-tailored suit is a Mach 5 in coolness. Men admire him, and women look his way when he enters a room.  

A dark suit is the man’s version of a woman’s go-to dress, a classic that’s been a tradition over the decades because it's versatile and works for just about everyone.  

2) You Perform Better at Work in a Suit 

Studies have shown that when you dress for business in a suit, you are more productive at work, Forbes reports. Even entrepreneurs who run businesses from home and meet in video conferences more than in person find that they’re in a more productive mindset when they wear slacks and a dress shirt. 

If you’re working from home, no one might see your sweatpants, but there’s a mental switch that’s flipped when you’re dressed for business. You’re more likely to be productive and professional when you look the part. 

3) People Treat You Differently When You’re Well-Dressed 

It may not be fair, but everyone from your boss to passersby judges your book by its cover. Wear a suit that fits you well, and you’re statistically more likely to get a promotion at work or land a new job. 

You’ll make a good first impression for your Tinder meet-up or a blind date. You might even be more likely to get a better table at the trendy new restaurant in town.  



4) You’re Ready for Anything 

Traveling in an xSuit will have you well-prepared for business to dinner. Did the airlines lose your luggage? No problem, as you’re well-dressed for your presentation. Are you going out to dinner with friends and family right after landing? A suit can take you anywhere from wine and tapas to seafood and steaks. 

An xSuit doesn’t wrinkle and repels water and stains, so you’ll look as dapper landing in Los Angeles as you did when you left New York City. Our suits are rated as the world’s most comfortable by thousands of customers, so sitting for hours on a cross-country flight will be as cushy for you as wearing sweats, but way more stylish. 

5) Suits Boost a Man’s Self Image 

Looking your best and knowing it will give you a boost in confidence in your life - personally and professionally. Wearing an xSuit will give you a polished look and swagger in your step. Whether you are working from home, making a presentation at your company’s headquarters, or going to a social event, confidence is your best accessory.  

Dressing well will let your best self shine through. Buying your first xSuit is an investment in yourself. Once you own one, we’re confident you’ll be back to add more xSuits to your wardrobe. 



What Has Changed Since COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about society and the workplace. Working from home or hybrid arrangements may be a lasting trend. We may value smaller, more intimate gatherings and celebrations. The comfort of the clothes we wear may be more important to us since many of us wore pajama pants all day during parts of the pandemic. 

That makes an xSuit a great post-pandemic purchase. Its six-way stretch fabric provides maximum comfort and stays wrinkle-free. Trying an xSuit on is believing! 

The Suit You Choose 

Grey Fox. a British menswear blog, notes that suit sales have decreased since the 1950s because they’re not always required for the workplace now. In the mid-20th century, suits were de rigueur for most professions. 

Today, men can choose to wear suits instead of being forced to put on a matching coat and pants. That choice adds more enjoyment to suit-wearing, and men are discovering that a suit that fits well is every bit as comfortable as blue jeans or joggers.  

Adding an ultra-comfortable, always-sharp xSuit to your wardrobe will give you a choice you’ll reach for every time you head to the office or dress for a dinner date. Available in black, navy, charcoal, and gray, xSuits come in a convenient starter kit or as separates. Dress shirts to go with your xSuit are available, too, and they are also liquid-repellent and wrinkle-free.  


Never Out of Style 

A suit is a classic look that will take you everywhere. Add a tie and you’re ready for the board room. Sans tie and jacket, and it’s a business casual look perfect for a craft beer at a pub with friends or a dinner out. Regardless of how fashion and habits evolve, suits will continue to be a style staple.