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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Always Travel with a Suit

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In the early days of airplane travel, women wore their finest dresses and men wore impeccable travel suits. Buying an airport outfit was a status symbol for being able to afford to board a plane and talk of travels to exotic and domestic destinations was a dream of glitz and glamour out of the reach of the masses. 

Now flashforward to 2023 and you will see a very small amount of people at the airport with clothing like that. What is the #1 reason? Well - for the most part, formal clothing is not comfortable, and nobody wants to be stuck on a cross-country (or cross-world) flight with a stiff and rigid suit. Luckily with new options like the super sretchy xSuit 4, your clothes can look great and also feel as comfortable (or even moreso) than your favorite jeans or sweatpants.

Here are a few reasons why bringing your suit with you on board might be a great play for your next trip:


1) You'll be prepared to network and meet people

You can make a flight as productive as possible by starting a reciprocal conversation with your seatmate. Those who have jobs that require quite a bit of travel may see a flight as a chance to advance their projects and careers through networking. Airlines such as Delta and South Africa Airways have been rolling out social seating. These programs connect travelers with experts in relevant industries while in-flight as a form of short-term mentorship. Other programs allow passengers to view the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of fellow passengers in advance and select their seat assignments based on who they feel is a great industry match. Think of it as a real-life LinkedIn. You should travel with a suit so others will want to shake your hand and view you as a professional who prepared to make social gains by looking his best. Make the right first impression with a super stylish and comfortable xSuit... 


2) You might get an upgrade

Despite what they might tell you, airline workers often have a fair amount of autonomy in deciding seat arrangements and upgrades. Being well dressed could help you with this, especially if you ask politely and explain your reasons. One tip is to ask to be moved to the emergency exit seat rows, which have longer leg room (especially on international flights). While sometimes they will require additional payment, in many cases they will do for free if the seats are not already filled.

The same goes for business class. We have heard a number of people who have gotten upgrades by asking nicely and being part of that airline's rewards program. Looking nice and giving a good impression to people coming in definitely won't hurt your chances.

In the Airport

3) Have less luggage (and weight)

Nowadays airlines are stricter than ever about checking luggage (and even bringing on carry-ons). While budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier offer the allure of low prices, if you are not careful you can end up spending hundreds of dollars on luggage alone. One good way to help this is by wearing more clothes - within reason of course! - reducing the weight. Especially if you are going to need your suit on your trip, this will get rid of one of the main things needed in your bags. And because the xSuit 4 is a machine washable suit, plus is anti-odor and anti-wrinkle, you'll not need to worry about wearing it muliple times.


4) Arrive looking fresh

The xSuit is a stain, wrinkle, and odor-resistant men's suit, made with the best material for comfort and ideal for traveling. Turbulence and the general clumsiness of having so many people together may cause you or others to spill their drinks, resulting in a damp and/or stained shirt that makes travel uncomfortable. Long-haul flights make being comfortable a must, which is why the xSuit might be the best suit ever. One cannot travel to the four corners of the earth in stiff jeans and a scratchy shirt. Another benefit of the xSuit is the ability to go straight from the airport to an international boardroom without worrying about freshening up too much. A splash of cold water on your face and a comb through your hair should suffice because you will be wearing a clean one-button suit.  


Be a confident traveler

During the golden age of commercial aviation, looking sharp was mandatory. Airlines strictly enforced dress codes. A man without a suit or at least a black corporate jacket could be turned away despite having paid good money for a seat on what was once considered a cocktail party in the air. Social media makes marketing yourself and your brand a necessity – no matter where you are on the planet. Be the person that someone takes a sneak picture of for looking so dapper, or who someone asks to take a picture with for your style or accomplishments. A suit makes a statement that represents your brand. Make sure you are marketing yourself correctly by traveling in style. 

Be prepared for anything that happens while flying in the air or while driving to your destination in a car. Whether it be a great networking session or interesting conversation, always look your best by wearing an xSuit that was crafted with travel in mind.