Suit vs. Tux For Wedding: How to Decide

Suit vs. Tux For Wedding: How to Decide

Planning a wedding? Whether you’re the bride and groom, family, part of the wedding party, or an honored guest, we’re thrilled for you! It’s a joyous and memorable time in life, filled with exciting decisions and meticulous planning, especially for the couple. 

One of the toughest calls for a bride and groom to make is deciding what they and their wedding party will wear on one of the biggest days of their life. (Eeek! No pressure.) For the groom and groomsmen, it starts by deciding between a suit or a tux. 

Is it better to wear a suit or a tux on your wedding day? How about the wedding party and guests? Should they opt for a tux or spring for a suit? Let’s break down the details to help the happy couple and their entourage decide. First off, let’s take the pressure off a little. 

Is There a Wrong Answer When Deciding Between Suit & Tux for a Wedding?  

Fortunately, there's no right or wrong answer! While some may have specific ideas about what constitutes ‘proper’ wedding attire, it ultimately boils down to personal style and preference. 

The couple has the wonderful opportunity and responsibility of setting the tone and dress code for the wedding. Whether you opt for timeless traditional, black-tie formality, boho chic, modern elegance, or something else altogether, you can find wedding attire to suit your style. 

What factors might influence your choice between a suit and a tux?

7 Factors to Weigh When Choosing Between a Wedding Tuxedo or Suit  

Here are seven factors to consider when calling the shot between tux and suit: 

1. Are You a Traditionalist or Looking for Something Unique?

Traditionally, a groom wears a tux at his wedding. Sometimes the best man, or even all the groomsmen and some family members, do too. In some cases, the couple may ask the entire guestlist to dress to a tux-level standard if they opt for a formal, black-tie event. 

Still, in recent years, many grooms have veered from the tuxedo tradition and opted for the individuality a well-tailored suit can offer.

2. Do You Want to Rent or Buy?

Some grooms prefer to simply rent a tux and have it off their hands when the big day is over. Others want something completely unique that they can hold on to. 

“Because grooms are willing to settle for a standard style, a rental company can serve this market with an inventory of only a few tuxedos in each size. So each suit gets rented several times a year,” said Robert Frank, Professor of Economics at Cornell University, in a PBS article highlighting an interesting topic explored by one of his students on why brides spend thousands of dollars on dresses while grooms rent cheap tuxes. 

Some companies also offer suit rentals since suits have recently become a more popular wedding attire option. In either case, buying has the edge over renting if you think it’s something you’ll reuse. Buying is also an advantage when it comes to getting a more tailored fit. 

3. Do You Plan to Reuse?

Some grooms want to keep and reuse what they wore on their wedding day due to sentimentality, practicality, or because they just love the look. 

Depending on lifestyle, most grooms are more likely to re-wear a suit than a tux. Unless you plan to attend several black-tie events in the foreseeable future, the likelihood of re-wearing a tux is pretty slim. 

However, there may be many less formal occasions for which a sharp suit would come in handy. Think: important business meetings, anniversaries, family functions, etc. Whether you attend many suit-necessitating events or not, having at least one nice suit in the closet is always good. You never know when you’ll need it. 

4. What is the Wedding Style?

Circling back to style, this is probably the most significant factor in choosing between a tux and suit for the groom and groomsmen. As a couple, do you like a bit of glitz, classic elegance, and formality? Or do you prefer something more down-to-earth, versatile, and yet stylish? If you’re a guest, aim to honor any dress codes established by the couple.

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5. What Weather Do You Anticipate at Your Wedding?

Depending on the material, a tux can be pretty stuffy and uncomfortable if you’re expecting hot weather on your wedding day. Typically, suits are more breathable and lightweight. 

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6. Are You Careful or Klutzy? 

Tuxedoes are generally rather delicate and not machine washable. Meanwhile, some suits are completely machine washable. If you don’t want to worry about being ultra-careful in a rented tux, spring for a no-stress suit. 

Check out our low-maintenance xSuit care guide (spoiler alert: our suits are stain-resistant and machine washable!): Care & Maintenance Guide

7. How Important is Comfort?

As mentioned, tuxedos can feel stuffy and uncomfortably formal. If that’s not your scene, a suit may be your best route. For example, xSuits are extra breathable with maximum stretch. You can practically cartwheel in comfort down the aisle…if that’s your style. 

Tuxedo Styles vs. Suit Styles for a Wedding

Now, let’s briefly zoom in on the differences between tux and suit styles. 

Classically, tuxes are black with touches of satin or silk, such as lapels, pant stripes, buttons, and pocket accents. Unlike most suits, tuxes don’t have belt loops and instead have adjustable fasteners on either side of the waist. Dress shirts worn with tuxes often have wing tips and are paired with a bowtie. Tux shirts may have additional style features like a pleated bib or French cuffs. 

Another, perhaps controversial, and optional feature of a tux is a cumberbund – that shimmery, thick belt that rests just above the beltline. Some argue that a cumberbund is outdated and unnecessary, while others say that a well-chosen cumberbund can complete the polished look of an elegant tuxedo. Again, it all comes down to personal preference. 

Suits come in many colors, styles, fits, and fabrics. These versatile men's wear must-haves can be dressed down or up to your liking and accented with shirts, belts, and other accessories. Suits offer many opportunities for unique personalization, even among groomsmen. A groom may go for a blue suit and white shirt for a nautical beach wedding, a three-piece burgundy suit for a mid-century modern wedding, a steely charcoal suit with suspenders for a hipster flair, and the list goes on.   

There is some overlap with style and accessory options for tuxes and suits. For example, cuff links (depending on the shirt style), vests (waistcoats), ties, bowties, suspenders, shoes, and pocket squares.  

What’s the takeaway?

Making the Final Choice Between Suit & Tux for the Big Day

Rest assured, either choice is good, and we wish you all the best!

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