Wedding Suits for Big and Tall Men: How to Look Your Best on the Big Day

Wedding Suits for Big and Tall Men: How to Look Your Best on the Big Day

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No matter our physical dimensions, we all want to look our best on our wedding day. If you’re a tall guy or have a heavier build, what can help you find a suit that will fit comfortably and look super fly? 

Let’s talk about how to find the best wedding suit for any size. 

4 Steps to Finding the Best Big and Tall Men’s Suits

There are plenty of options when shopping for suits for big guys. You don’t have to settle for a one-rack department store Big and Tall section or find yourself in an ill-fitting or ‘not your style, but it fits’ suit on your wedding day. 

What should you look for when shopping for a wedding suit? Here are three steps to take to help you find the right suit for your body type and style:

Step 1: Determine Your Body Type 

Assess your overall physique. Are you broad-shouldered? Tall and slender? Barrel-chested? Do you carry your bulk around the midsection? Knowing your overall body shape can help you choose styles that play to your strengths, highlighting your favorite features and creating the most flattering look.

For example, if you have a broad chest or shoulders but a narrower waist, you may opt for a more fitted suit with a tapered or slim-fit shirt and trousers. In contrast, a man with a rounder torso may avoid slim-fitting suits while not going to the other extreme of wearing something baggy. 

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Step 2: Get Your Measurements

Phone a friend to help you get your measurements, such as your chest, shoulders, waist, sleeve length, etc. 

Hint: Click on Size Guide on any of our suits to see a helpful chart and directions below. 

Even better, skip the measurements and let our AI Fit Finder determine your recommended size in less than a minute with a few simple questions. No tape measure necessary! 

Step 3: Decide on Your Style

Work with your bride to choose a style based on your personal preference and body type. Are you going for a tux? A three-piece suit? A blazer and slacks combo? These decisions will hinge a lot on the style of your wedding, whether it’s a black-tie affair, a barefoot beach wedding, or something in between. 

When mapping out your wedding style, remember that patterns and colors can have a big effect on the overall look. For example, horizontal stripes can make a body look wider, while vertical stripes can create the illusion of height. Loud patterns add bulkiness, while solid, dark colors can have a slimming effect. 

Additionally, comfort is a key consideration. You’ll want to find a suit that will not just fit but fit comfortably. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on the big day! Choose a suit material appropriate for the weather. Spring for something lightweight, breathable, and with a bit of stretch. When trying on a suit, dance a little jig, sit down, kneel on the ground, or do whatever you have to do to make sure it feels good in any posture. 

Step 4: Find a Brand That Matches Your Size and Style 

After getting an idea of what you’re looking for, start shopping. Find a suit that ticks all your boxes, and commit! 

Perspective on Body Confidence for Your Wedding Day

It’s not just brides who face pressure to look 10/10 on their wedding day. Grooms may also feel like they have to adopt some extreme diet or workout regimen to get ‘wedding-day-ready.’ Of course, if it’s your goal to shed a few pounds or add some bulk before the big day, that’s totally up to you! 

Just remember, your fiance said yes to you the way you are. You’ll look sharp in your suit. But more important than the suit is how you feel. If you’re happy and confident on your wedding day, you’ll look your very best.

Find a suit that helps you feel your best, and your confidence will do the rest. 

Beyond the Suit – Other Considerations for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding 

What else can you do to take your wedding look to the next level?

Accessorize Thoughtfully

It’s your wedding day, so spring for some nice finishing touches, like custom cuff links, fancy wingtip oxfords, a sharp-looking vest, or a smart tie bar. Try to incorporate things that have meaning, enhance your look, and make the day that much more special. 

Pay Attention to Grooming

Now, a note on facial hair. How can you make sure it’s in tip-top shape for the wedding?

“One of the easiest ways for a man to look polished and put together is by simply trimming his facial hair. Whether you rock a mustache, full beard, or keep your face clean-shaven, you will always look better when your look is well-maintained. So, make sure you grab the scissors or razor before your big day—or better yet, head to a barber for a little pampering with your groomsmen,” advises Weddingbee in A Groom’s Guide to Looking Good on His Wedding Day

Beyond the facial hair, a fresh haircut will pair super nicely with your suit. 

Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sleep, Repeat

No matter our body shape or whether or not we’re aiming to lose weight, establishing good nutrition, exercise, hydration, and sleep patterns helps promote overall health, well-being, and even good looks. These habits can affect our mood, the appearance of our skin, and even our energy and confidence levels. Don’t skimp on basic self-care before, during, or after the big day. 

Big and Tall Suits from xSuit

At xSuit, we offer wedding suits in jacket sizes from 34 to 52 and pants sizes from 28 to 46. If you don’t love the fit, we’ll replace it at no cost (within the contiguous US only), or you can return it within 45 days for a full refund.

Our suits are the perfect match between comfort and style, sure to help a groom look and feel his best on his wedding day. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here are just a handful of real client reviews: 

  • “Fits like a glove. Super comfortable, not too tight, and doesn’t give that boxy look.” - Jefet F. 
  • “This is honestly the best suit jacket I’ve ever worn. I am a big guy that heats up pretty easily and this jack looks great and is super breathable. Also water repellant and machine washable. What more can I ask for??” – Steven G. 
  • “I have broad shoulders so it's difficult to find a jacket that fits well and this jacket is a perfect fit.” - Aaron T. 
  • “The product is absolutely amazing. Well crafted, so flexible and breathable...I bought the whole suit for my wedding and I looked absolutely incredible with this suit.” - Alfred F. 
  • “The fit was amazing. It looks great, with a modern cut, that still looks flattering on a husky guy in his 40’s. It is very comfortable. I wore it all day on Sunday and it never felt rough or heavy like other suits I’ve owned. I could have gone golfing in it.” - Jared T.

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