What is the Difference Between Canvas and Unconstructed Suits?

What is the Difference Between Canvas and Unconstructed Suits?

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Have you ever thought about what goes into your suit? Probably not. In reality, most people are focused on the surface of the suit and what makes them look great. However, the details of a suit is where the real magic happens.

One of these details that is little known is the canvas in a suit. This part of the suit has been traditionally used to support the suit. However, as you will see below – new technology allows for an ability to create fused suits without the canvas – bringing some special benefits. At xSuit, we provide options to support the preference of both sides. Find out what a suit’s canvas is all about and get more knowledge about the advantages of each.


What is a Suit’s Canvas?

A suit canvas is an interlining material between the cloth you see on the outside of many suits, and the inside lining. The main purpose of this canvas interlining is to provide needed support and shape to the suit, almost like a skeleton. It is actually referred to as the suit’s structure, together with the other hidden components of the suit, such as its shoulder padding.

This material has traditionally be a very important purpose in the make-up of the suit. However, in recent years, technology and different suit styles have made the classic canvas suiting just one of different options. 


xSuit Canvas Construction

Canvas Construction Build

This canvas of suits was traditionally made with horse hair due to its dense composition. However, over time, synthetic fabrics have been created that can match or exceed the benefits of using horse hair. Either way, it is very important to use a high quality style of material in the canvas to make the structure of the suit hold up well. The xSuit 2.1 is an example of a canvas construction suit, utilizing the highest quality interliner that provides more “bulk” and support. 

Canvas also improves the durability of a jacket by distributing tension from stress points (such as the elbows and shoulders). Canvas construction also helps a suit cope with the rigors of dry cleaning, and of course, a full canvas suit means more canvas interlining to provide durability. In most cases, suits nowadays use a half canvas construction, where the material goes roughly halfway down the suit. While there are full canvas construction suits, the costs is very high and the benefits are not as pronounced.


✔️More classic suit look

✔️More padding and structure in its feel

✔️Able to incorporate shoulder pads to give some more strength in shoulders

 Unconstructed Build Suit

Unconstructed Build

High quality no-canvas construction formal suits were written off as not possible to achieve until recent years. However, by utilizing top manufacturing research and technology, the xSuit 3.0 is one of the first to perfect this style as a truly modern suit that retains its quality and also offers additional advantages. The main strengths of the unconstructed suit are that it totally conforms and flows with the body when done correctly, creating a very modern look and feel. In addition, because of the materials and process, it allows the suit to be machine washable. 


✔️Modern and flexible design

✔️Conforms to body more with less structural resistance

✔️Machine Washable (no need to dry clean)



Be Careful of Cheap Fast-Fashion Constructions

Among lower-quality jacket manufacturers, a fused build suit is another style that is used in some cases used. Like the unconstructed suit mentioned above, it does not use a canvas material in it, instead using a coating on the front of the suit to create some more build. When putting it on, it will seem to be similar to a canvas suit jacket.

However, this type of method does not hold up well over time, and you will often begin to see wear or bubbling more on these jackets. In general, you will find fused build suits in fast-fashion chains like Zara and H&M, as this method allows for them to sell for cheaper prices. With this disposable (not sustainable) idea in mind, people would just replace their jacket after some use and get a new one, so quality sourcing and production is vital in ensuring top quality of such apparel. At xSuit we strive to create high-quality and sustainable suits that you will wear for the long-term, so we do not use any cheaper methods such as this in creating suits.

 Standing in Suit

Is a Canvas or Unconstructed Option Better?

There is not a simple answer of which is better, as it depends on the wearer’s preference. The unconstructed option of high quality suits like xSuit 3.0 is the most modern of style and comfort, with a great forming feeling and also the convenience of machine-washability. Just be on the lookout for chain store brands that use cheap methods without quality build.

However, some people prefer the more classic look and feel of a canvas-structure suit. The xSuit 2.1 offers all of the comfort, anti-wrinkle, and stain-resistance that xSuit is known for, with a more structured feel. Therefore some people (especially of older generations) may prefer this style. 

An option could be to have one of each depending on the usage (preferably in different colors). For example - a classic xSuit 2.1 in black and a unconstructed xSuit 3.0 in the modern Graphic grey shade is a killer combination that lets you be on top of any situation!



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