What Color Suit Should I Get – Black, Blue, or Grey?

What Color Suit Should I Get – Black, Blue, or Grey?

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Deciding on which suit color you should get can be a conundrum, especially when faced with any number of scenarios where you might be expected to wear one like weddings and job interviews.

At xSuit, we celebrate individuality and creativity, yet when it comes to picking what color suit you should get, it's wise to consider the classics: black, navy blue, and grey. Each hue has its own charisma and adaptability, suitable for various occasions.

Let’s look at each color and dig into the how and why so you can decide if each suit color is right for you. We are here to help you make a decision when it comes to which suit color you should get.


Black xSuit 3.0

A black suit is the most classic and formal option and usually compared to navy suits as the top choice if you were only going to get one suit; if you really are going to own just one suit for minimalist purposes, then this you can’t go wrong with selecting the classic option of a black suit. And in fact, our jet black suit color is the most popular xSuit 3.0 option. Here are some reasons why people like black suits best:

  • Versatile for Formal Events: Perfect for weddings, funerals, interviews, or high-end business events. Black is easily the most versitile suit color.
  • Symbol of Confidence and Authority: A sharp black suit commands attention.
  • Flattering for All Body Types: Especially for those conscious about their image or with a larger build.
  • Travel-Friendly: Great at hiding wrinkles and marks, though with an xSuit, wrinkle and stain resistance come standard.
  • Flexible Styling Options: Pairs effortlessly with various shirt styles.

However, if you're someone who loves to stand out, a black suit, despite its numerous benefits, might feel too conventional. But it's always a good idea to have a black suit in your arsenal, complemented by another color like navy blue or grey.



Navy Blue xSuit 3.0

Thinking of a black suit vs navy suit? A dark blue suit (at xSuit we call it Midnight Blue while others will refer to it as navy) is another striking option to consider. Do you want to showcase your confidence and personality, while being a bit different than the standard? A dark blue suit just might be the perfect option for you as a second suit (or maybe even your go-to first choice). Let us explore the ways why the ever-beloved blue color will never go out of style:

  • Trustworthy and Productive: Ideal for job interviews.
  • Seasonally Versatile: Perfect for both summer and winter.
  • Enhances Blue Eyes: Creates a striking look for those with blue eyes.
  • Universally Beloved: A popular choice across demographics and continents. Blue is the most popular color in the world.
  • Varied Shades: Our Midnight Blue strikes a perfect balance between dark and bright, adding a touch of personality.

    One thing to note about blue is that different suit brands have different shades of the color, some of which are nearly black, while others are much lighter. At xSuit, we have done numerous tests for blue color shading and settled on a Midnight Blue that is in the middle of these – a dark color that also adds some brightness and personality appeal. If you're interested in a navy or dark blue suit, check out the xSuit guide on styling a navy blue suit here.



    Grey xSuit 3.0

    Grey is the third most popular suit color, and often doesn’t get the same attention as its black or navy breathen. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome! In fact, xSuit CEO and Founder Max Perez specifically designed both light grey and dark grey colors for the xSuit 4.0 that is sure to look and feel perfect on you.

    • Sophisticated and Intelligent: Grey exudes class and efficiency.
    • Subtly Distinctive: Stand out among black and blue suits without going overboard.
    • Pairs Well: Great for accessorizing with colorful ties or other accents.
    • Age-Inclusive: Compliments both mature and younger faces.

      Maybe you are still hesitant to buy a charcoal grey suit. Its understandable that you might want to have a black or navy blue suit as one option in your closet, but we definitely endorse supplementing it with a grey variety that you can go to and mix things up. Here a few reasons why grey is great:

       3 Suit Jackets Comparison

      The Most Versatile Suit Color

      While your final suit choice might depend greatly on your use or personal style, if you're just going to get one suit color and you're going to potentially need it for weddings, funerals, business meetings, interviews, and any other sort of event that might come up, there is one suit color that stands out as the most versatile: black.

      While navy and grey suits are plenty versatile, if you are only going to own one suit, the suit you should get is a black suit: hands down. It's a timeless classic, the original suit color, and can be worn in formal and semi-casual settings alike.

      While either a black suit or navy suit will get the job done when it comes to versatility, the black suit comes out on top. 

      And The Winner Is…

      Ok, as you may have guessed there is not one color winner. First of all, it depends on your personality and style, and as you can see above, each has its own great features.

      At xSuit we always suggest to have two suits in your wardrobe, to both have a backup and also give your style some more flexibility. In this case, you absolutely can’t go wrong by having one black suit, and the other that is either navy blue or grey. And if you wanted to get all three, we think you’ll be feeling super confident and ready to rise to any occasion that is thrown at you!

      What is your favorite color of suit and why? We’d love to hear your feedback here or on our social media. And now that you are an expert about suit colors, be sure to check out our one-stop sizing guide to understand how to get the perfect jacket and pants match!