What Makes a Suit Jacket, Sport Coat, and Blazer Different?

What Makes a Suit Jacket, Sport Coat, and Blazer Different?

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When talking or reading about types of formal-style jackets, you’ll often hear references to suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers. Many people think that the three of these are the same, and will use the terms interchangeably. If you've done the same, don't worry! In some cases, there can be a grey area between them, which can make it hard to clearly distinguish them.

However, there are some distinct differences between the three - which affect the style, situations of use, and even cost. Knowing about them will help you to understand how to shop for your next jacket better, and get a better idea about which type is best for you.


Suit Jackets

A suit jacket is designed to be worn as part of a matching set with pants made from the same fabric. It is typically made from finer materials such as wool or high quality synthetic fabrics, and is more formal in appearance. Suit jackets are typically worn to business meetings, weddings, and other events. However, in the case of suits like the xSuit 4, it is made to be more versatile for use in a wide range of situations.

In general, suit jackets will be the most expensive of the three items, because of the finer materials and precise tailoring to achieve the best fit possible. They may also include extra performance and stretch suit features – such as the nanotechnology that goes into making the xSuit. Others will feature more traditional materials and styling.

Sport Coats

For the most part, a sport coat is a jacket that is designed to be worn with non-matching pants. It is often made from heavier, coarser materials - and can feature more different patterns or textures. Sport coats are more casual than suit jackets and can be worn to a variety of events, including social gatherings, casual business meetings, and dinners.

In general, sports coats are cheaper than a suit jacket, as the usage is different and not necessary to be as formal.  



A blazer is a type of jacket that is similar to a sport coat, but is typically made from a solid, dark-colored fabric and features brass or silver buttons. Blazers were originally worn by members of the British navy, and their naval heritage is still evident in their nautical-inspired style. Blazers are more formal than sport coats, but usually less formal than suit jackets. They can be worn to a variety of events, including dinners, cocktail parties, and business meetings.

In the case of modern suits like the xSuit, there is not as much need for a separate blazer and suit coat like in the past. In fact, suits like this can also take the place of blazers for


Which should you choose to wear?

For your wardrobe, you can consider what the purpose of your jackets is, and how often you will use them. We recommend to minimize the amount of clothes in your closet, and focus on the top quality ones – in which case, a couple different colors (preferably one black and one blue or grey) could be enough for your needs. However, some people like to mix up their colors and patterns a bit more, which could mean that some more casual sports coats could work for them. Ultimately, you can try some different styles out and feel the differences.


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