5 Reasons Why Men All Over Are Ditching Their Wool Suits

You shouldn't be surprised by this…

Studies prove wearing a suit makes us more confident and dominant in our field.

Seems like having one makes a whole lot of sense… but we can't avoid the downsides of, which go far beyond just the cost.

Which ones can you relate to?

1. “It's hard to move around.”

That stiff suit drives you nuts after 8 hours…

Soooo.. the modern suit was invented over 300 years ago. And sadly, they haven't changed much… most of them are just stiff wool that torture you morning to night.

Yes, we want to be ridiculously handsome… We want to give our personality the attractive edge only a suit offers… But we crave comfort. Is there a better option?

Luckily, yes (...and you'll wish you'd found it sooner!)

2. They stain and wrinkle way too easily.

Too often, it feels like a suit is more of a collector's item than something to wear and enjoy.

We dedicate half our day to avoiding spills and anyone that could smudge our pricey pride and joy.

What if there were a suit with that same handsome look, but was nearly indestructible? In a moment, you're going to be pleasantly surprised…

3. They get unbearably HOT after a long day.

Wearing a suit makes overheating 10X worse.

Your high-priced wool blazer feels like a sauna under all those layers.

Men have been asking for years… can't we modernize our suits and the materials we use? There's good news… keep reading if you won't sacrifice your comfort just to look cool anymore.

4. They're crazy expensive and you're afraid you'll ruin them

You're lucky to find a decent 2-piece suit under $500.

And probably double that if you want quality materials. What's even worse? They're “dry-clean only” so it's a costly trip to the cleaners if you make one minor mistake.

Now there's an affordable choice. xSuit designed a wildly popular suit that gives us a functional, flexible and durable choice without breaking the bank. Just wait until you see it…

5. They're old-fashioned

“Okay, Boomer” applies to our most popular suit styles.

The uber-conservative look seems to work for funerals, divorce court and used car lots… But what about the rest of us?

Fortunately, xSuit brought new life to the suit we all love. They gave it a trim, casual aesthetic with all the functionality we begged for.

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