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We believe in being able to pack your dreams into the overhead bin. In only including the essentials, while being versatile and adaptable. We believe in not separating your life, work, and dreams as we they inspire each other - and in encouraging others to go after the life they want, while making it easier to get there.
Our concept
You don't have to be at the mercy of your clothes, whether at your office or while traveling. From buying expensive suits with no novel features, to cheaper ones that don't last a year. We set out to create a super suit, that you never want to take off, crafted with quality materials and workmanship on par with premium brands, though without the price tag.

We implemented nanotechnology that renders the suit carefree or specifically stain, wrinkle and odor proof. Say goodbye to weekly trips to the dry cleaner.

You should be able to work on your dreams in the space that you want to whether that be while coffee shop hopping, vacationing, or even at home, while always looking professional though staying comfortable.
Max Perez
The xSuit
xSuit started in July 2017 by Maximilien Perez, a fashion designer, fitness enthusiast and traveler. Tired of wearing stiff suits, that were hard to travel with, he decided to create his own that would at the same time be as comfortable as a sweatsuit, but still look good enough to wear in business settings.