Machine-Washable and Super Flex Features Make Restocked xSuit 3.0 the Ultimate Travel Suit

Machine-Washable and Super Flex Features Make Restocked xSuit 3.0 the Ultimate Travel Suit

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Jan. 24, 2021 - Transformational fashion found in high-tech fabric takes travel to new heights with the ​xSuit 3.0, the most comfortable and travel-friendly suit ever made.

Business travelers often race against a time clock whether it be deadlines, meetings, or flight times. The newly stocked xSuit 3.0 performance suit allows them to shave off time in their daily schedules by never worrying about having a freshly pressed suit for their meeting after a flight. Travelers can now be as comfortable as being at home in their favorite chair sitting in sweats, while still looking as debonair as a Wall Street tycoon. And even on a red eye flight, the new suit offers sleeping comfort like your go-to pajamas.

xSuit Founder and CEO Max Perez explains how the transformational fashion technology xSuit dons a combination of high quality, style, and functionality with the ultimate comfort and traveling benefits – whether on a train, plane, hotel, or at an event. 

“As someone who traveled frequently for business, I’ve experienced all the challenges of traditional suits… wrinkling, expensive dry cleaning trips, and general discomfort. All of these issues have been addressed in our new Infinite Flex fabric, which has more than double the stretch and is lighter than our previous xSuits,” said Perez. “The suit won’t get wrinkled or need to be ironed, and with our new technology it’s even machine washable.”

The xSuit 3.0’s Wrinkle Defense technology makes it perfect for travel because the suit can withstand a high level of activity and movement, allowing it to be worn for days without showing signs of wear or odor. The nanotechnology continues to provide a reliable shield to stains and odors, and the wrinkle resistance keeps it looking sharp and clean, no matter how long it’s worn.

Keeping comfortability and convenience a priority, the xSuit is the ultimate comfort suit for young professionals and all men who want to look sharp, sophisticated and modern with flexibility of athleisure and can conveniently be ordered at

The xSuit 3.0 comes in three colors – Jet Black, Midnight Blue, and new Graphite shade, 14 custom sizes, and sells at a very favorable price compared with similar quality high-end suits.

Travel-Friendly Features include:

  • Machine washable
  • Liquid and Stain Repellent
  • Wrinkle-free and easily packable, ideal for travel
  • Modern yet classic design
  • 8-way stretch fabric with shape retention
  • Elasticized, flexible waistband construction
  • Odor Neutralizing and Quick Dry Lining
  • Eight discrete zipper pockets
  • Silicone coated metal anodized buttons and zippers



About xSuit

xSuit was founded by Max Perez, with one goal in mind: to create the next generation of functional performance work apparel designed to be super comfortable and easy to maintain. To that end, xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion technology. xSuit’s products are engineered with innovative fabrics and nanotechnology. xSuit produces the highest quality, most comfortable, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Visit to learn more.

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