A Perfect Fit: Understanding Shirt Sleeve Lengths and Sizing

A Perfect Fit: Understanding Shirt Sleeve Lengths and Sizing

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of ordering a dress shirt online and waiting for it to arrive, only to try it on and find out that you’re swimming in it, or it feels like you’re wearing a straight jacket? It’s not a great moment – especially if you don’t have time to exchange it before the event you bought it for. 

How can you get the perfect fit on your dress shirts without having to ‘try before you buy’? xSuit is here with a complete guide to dialing in your dress shirt measurements. But first, let’s talk about why the fit matters. 

Why Getting the Right Fit on Your Dress Shirt is Important

Getting the right fit on your dress shirts goes a long way in contributing to your all-day comfort. Whether you’re putting in OT at the office, enjoying a night out with a special someone, or being the best man for your best bro, you want to focus on the moment, not on how you can’t wait to unbutton your collar because it’s low-key choking the life out of you.

As for the sleeves, you don’t want to look like a little kid in a baggy sweatshirt with the cuffs down at your knuckles. But you also don’t want to look like you’re wearing some sort of shirt version of ‘high waters.’ Having too long or too short of sleeves is downright uncomfortable.

Beyond comfort, having a properly fitted shirt looks a whole lot nicer than an ill-fitted attempt at formal wear. Whether you are aiming to make a good first impression or you simply want to maintain your gentlemanly rep, a well-fitted shirt will aid you in your noble endeavors.

Plus, some brands run bigger or smaller than others, so going by generic terms like Medium or Large can lead you astray. It’s essential to know the actual measurements of your neck and arms if you’re going to get the right fit.

Without further ado, let’s crunch those numbers and get down to the bottom of how to get your top measurements.


A Guide to Measuring for Men’s Dress Shirt Neck and Sleeves

The first step to getting your ideal dress shirt measurements is finding a shirt in your closet that fits perfectly. Select your favorite shirt that looks good and feels right when you wear it. You’ll use this as a guide for measuring the neck and sleeves. 

How to Measure for Dress Shirt Neck Sizes

Men’s neck sizes typically range between 13 inches (XS) and 18.5 inches (XXL). Still, your dress shirt neck size will be up to an inch bigger than your actual neck to give you breathing room.

To get your dress shirt neck measurement, lay the collar of your aforementioned favorite shirt flat on a table and measure across from the center of the collar button to the edge of the buttonhole slit.

If you don’t own a dress shirt that fits nicely around the neck, you can get the correct numbers by measuring at the center of your neck where the collar would sit (right below your Adam's apple), holding one finger underneath the tape measure to ensure room for comfort.

Pro tip: “Remember that you should not count for any shrinkage while taking measurements of the neck area,” recommends Freeyork.

Now, how about measuring those sleeves?


How to Measure for Dress Shirt Sleeve Lengths 

Men’s dress shirt sleeve lengths typically range from about 24 inches (XS short) to 28 inches (XXL long).

To determine your sleeve length, lay your pre-selected, well-fitting shirt on a flat surface, then shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.

If you don’t have a shirt to go off of, you can simply measure from your shoulder bone to your wrist bone. Unless you’re fairly flexible or just like a challenge, you may want to use the buddy system to get this measurement.

Pro tip: “When measuring, keep your elbow a bit bent to allow room for unrestricted movement,” advises Heartafact.

Does taking all of these measurements sound complicated? No worries, we have a hassle-free alternative.


Use AI to Get Your Dress Shirt Measurements

At xSuit, our website uses AI technology to simplify the process of ascertaining your dress shirt and suit size. Finding your fit takes less than a minute, and no measuring tape is necessary. Just go to our Fit Guide and click on “Find My Fit”.

All you have to do is punch in your height, weight, age, and a couple of notes about your body shape. From there, you’ll get an instant sizing recommendation, which will appear on every product page, including all xShirts, for a measurement-free shopping experience.

We also provide a perfect fit guarantee. If you’re not happy with the fit of any garment, we’ll replace it at no cost. Alternatively, you can return it within 45 days for a full refund.

Still unsure about your size and want to talk to a human? Sure thing. Launch a live chat with one of our style experts will be happy to help you find the perfect xShirt fit.

What’s so good about the xShirt anyway?


High-Performance Men’s Dress Shirts

xShirts are on the cutting edge of men’s fashion and are designed to fit any build of men. They are light, breathable, and stretchy, making them feel as comfortable as activewear. On the practical side, xShirts are odor, wrinkle, and stain-resistant and completely machine washable.

Meanwhile, these shirts pack a punch in the style department. You can dress with confidence in any season and for any event. Pair with a stylish suit for formal and business occasions, or wear them with jeans or slacks for dressy casual functions.

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You're ready to look and feel your best now that you’ve dialed in your perfect fit. Get an xShirt in one of three classy colors. Or get all three while you’re at it. You won’t go back to run-of-the-mill dress shirts.