What Does a Men’s Performance Suit Mean?

What Does a Men’s Performance Suit Mean?

Performance clothing has been one of the biggest new fashion trend of the 21st century that has held strong, and in fact continues to grow even larger by the year. The overall definition of the segment means all apparel that has a unique construction (such as, compression gear) or fabrications (like moisture-wicking ability) which assist the user during sports, exercise, other athletic tasks in all types of weather, including very hot or cold temperatures. No doubt you have some in your closet, but do you know how it started and how it is expanding into formal-wear?

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When Did Performance Clothing Gain Popularity?

While some companies had used elements of performance clothing before – there are two companies credited with bringing it to the masses in the early 2000’s. UnderArmour is one of them. Founded by Kevin Plank in his basement with his grandmother’s basement, he created a form fitting t-shirt prototype and eventually was able to sell it to local sports teams. It would grow fast into becoming the $4.5 Billion yearly revenue empire it is. Another example is Lululemon, with an idea of performance apparel designed for yoga, but now also including running, cycling, training and other sporting activities for both women and men. Now the "athleisure" industry brings in more than $100 Billion in sales each year.

Why did these companies become so popular, so fast? Well, they were wise and timely to hit a much-needed area of the market. Instead of just wearing cotton and jersey innerwear and clothes for athletics, performance clothing utilized high technology fabric and processes to bring a new level of comfort to active people. It also included technology to contain heat and cold, as well as reduce sweating, moisture, and bad smells that often come from working out.

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How About Performance Suits & Workwear?

In recent years, more and more people have been using performance apparel for casual daily life wear. With comfort at home and on the field settled, xSuit was an innovator in bringing performance wear to a previously unconsidered area – the workplace and formal wear. To do so, extensive time and money was poured into research and testing to get the exact fabrics that fulfill the needs of those in the workplace and beyond.

So how can performance workwear and performance suits make a difference for you? No longer do you need to look casual while still experiencing the benefits of wearing formal types of clothes. For example, the xSuit provides extreme stretch and comfort, as well as stain, wrinkle, and odor resistance. That means that you can wear your suit for a number of times without needing to wash it, and you’ll never have to take out an iron for it again. For events, weddings, business trips and more this is a huge benefit – to always look and feel great!

Dress shirts are also able to incorporate similar strengths of stretch and stain-resistance, as well as eliminating wrinkles. The xShirt 2.0 and 3.0 are great options for men’s performance shirts that you’ll never want to take off.

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What Does it Mean For You?

For these reasons - in just a few years from launching - the xSuit is already being used by athletes (and even reality show contestants) around the world. Its performance ability also allows people to take part of nearly any activity in a formal suit, something that before would seem nearly impossible. Skydiving? A marathon? Why not? Wherever you can perform, the xSuit can do so together with you.

Why not try one out and experience it for yourself? You may even look forward to dressing up for your next business trip or important event!


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