Why Did We Create the xSuit Sport?

Why Did We Create the xSuit Sport?


Suits have a reputation of being bland and stiff – even boring. And its understandable, since traditionally companies that have made suits have often not had flexibility and comfort in mind. In addition, suits have often been used in the most formal of work and events, together with a tie and uncomfortable slacks. 

But while traditional suits have some negative perceptions, a suit (or two) is absolutely an integral part of every man’s closet. Afterall, suits have two primary purposes that are unmatched by other apparel:

1. To give you a professional appearance

2. To act as a uniform for the professional world.

Now our goal with the xSuit was to make suits modern and solve the classic issues they had (such as stiffness, lack of flex, wrinkles and stains, and lack of durability).

But with the xSuit sport, we wanted to take it a step further, really merging the gap between what suits represented, and where officewear is going - which is more casual, while still giving you a flare of Personality. Athleisure with a twist.

In the end, our primary goal is to break out of the restraints of traditional suits - and make new clothing that has comfort, stretch, and technology that our customers have never experienced before - as well as the fashion to use in any situation you are in. That brings us to the xSuit Sport - truly something that you will not find anywhere else. This beauty combines our most comfortable suit stretch fabric together with a flexible design which includes a removable hood jacket and drawstring pants.

How did the xSuit Sport Come Together?

As mentioned, sport clothes have become the norm in fashion during recent years - with brands like Lululemon and Under Armour becoming global household names. This goes in line for the desire of people to have comfort and flexibility, instead of just looking good. With people traveling more and needing to use clothes for different occasions, we also try to make products that can allow you to have less (but higher quality) items in your closet.

We actually launched the sporty concept of this suit a few years back, as an variation for xSuit fans who wanted a more casual variation of our flagship product. To our pleasant surprise, we received a ton of happy comments and feedback from our customer - and still received monthly requests for it to come back even years later. So we finally went back to the lab to plan out how to remake the sport design in an even better way with our most stretchy technology.

 xSuit Sport Outside

How Does the xSuit Sport Play in the Current Working Environment?

The Working Environment is changing in recent years (especially since the pandemic) - to a more casual and working hybrid model.

* Meanwhile, looking good and presentable is as important as ever.

    * But looking good does not always mean looking as formal as possible. You need a suit that can adapt to different settings and environment.

    * For example, it’s always a struggle to look “modern” without seeming pretentious.

      What are the Key Features of the xSuit Sport?

      The xSuit Sport addresses the aforementioned issues in the current working environment, with new elements and attitude. It has functional elements for urban lifestyle – to feel confident and amazing without looking over the top.

      * Detachable Hood - perfect for all weather

      * Drawstring Waistband - look like you have suit pants, feel like you have sweatpants 

      * Infinite Stretch Fabric - stretchiness that you truly won’t believe

      * Machine Washable - no more trips to the dry cleaner

      * Wrinkle Resistant - forget those hanging suit bags, just put it into your suitcase 

      * Liquid & Stain Repellent - get peace of mind from avoiding these common pitfalls

      * Available in Jet Black and Graphite options - to fit your preference, or compliment your existing xSuit 

      A great thing about the xSuit Sport is how it can be used in so many different situations, even in those sporty times. That makes it an especially popular choice for athletes. But this item is just made a limited edition run - and we don’t know when the next production time will come! So you are best to grab one now in your preferred color and size to get on board and experience this next generation of suits.