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5 Ways No-Maintenance Suits Will Change How You Dress

Do you wear normal suits or shirts to work? Here's why switching to no-maintenance garments, and how you'll spend less time and money, and peace of mind.

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Are you still wearing suits made of standard stiff fabrics? Here's why you shouldn't be, and how switching to a stretch, no maintenance suit can improve your wardrobe, and provide comfort and peace of mind.



If you are looking for a closet refresh for work, chances are you've thought about (or have used) a wrinkle-free, stretch suit. And changes are, you've realized they're not really that comfortable.


We all know it too well, the mornings spent bringing those stained and wrinkly suits, and yellow patched shirts to the dry-cleaners. Fashion is an integral part of our culture, but as many people spend more time in the office and less time on social media, trends are becoming a little less important.


Suits and shirts can be expensive and difficult to maintain; the average person spends over $600 on dry cleaning per year! Over 95% of suits are made with fabrics that wrinkle, stain and smell after just one wear. Resulting in having to use harmful chemicals to maintain, that destroy those fabrics over time.


No-maintenance suits have become the new way to look professional without having to worry about what you're wearing going out of style. To help with this shift in how we dress, we've put together 5 ways no-maintenance garments or suits will change the way you dress for work or any professional setting.


1. Save Money On Dry-cleaning.

There's nothing worse than needing to take care of clothes but with our suits there's no need for ironing or dry cleaning. 


xSuit are designed with all of the high quality fabric and tailoring details, but have none of the work. The material has been engineered to repel stain, smells and wrinkles, and require 1/10 of the dry-cleaner trips. On average, our customers save over $600 a year on dry-cleaning. Making the suit pay for itself. Making the suit pay for itself.


2. Less Wrinkles, Lighter Packing

Pack lighter than ever thanks to our wrinkle-free technology. We've engineered our suits to stay crisp out of any bag. No-wrinkle garments will change the way you pack for work travel or any trip.


The newest trend in packing for work or travel is to pack light and stay wrinkle-free. Our new, state-of-the-art suit technology will allow you to go out of the suitcase looking as fresh as when you left home. "Pack lighter than ever thanks to our wrinkle-free technology." No wrinkles means less time ironing before an important meeting or event and more time spent on getting ready for it. With no need to worry about creases in your suit


Did you know that the average person spends two hours of their day packing? Whether it's for a business trip or just a weekend getaway, many people spend valuable time preparing their clothes and making sure they're wrinkle-free. 


3. Never Break A Sweat

Stay cool - or warm. Pair one of our no-maintenance suits with 3 interchangeable shirts to stay cool in the summer months and keep warm during winter months. It's like getting three times as many outfits at a fraction of the cost.


No more sweat stains, with temperature control, and moisture wicking technology, xSuit keeps you fresh all day long. Ever have to run to catch a train or plane and end up sweating? Or walking downtown to your next meeting in the hot summer sun? What about renting a bike to work? It's a breeze with the xSuit's moisture


4. No Stains, No Hassle

A no-stain suit is the answer to every businessman's prayers. Forgetting your lunch meeting and making a mess of your clothes? A quick swipe with a wet wipe removes any evidence of an oily stain, and you're back in business.


Business meetings always seem to be punctuated by coffee spills or grease stains from fast food restaurants. This doesn't have to happen anymore with this revolutionary new technology! The fabric has been treated so that it resists all oils, greases, water


Our new technology ensures you'll never be embarrassed by oil stains or grease again. You can feel confident that no matter what the situation your clothes will always look their best and remain spotless for the duration of your business meeting.


5. Creating a Sustainable and Environmentally-Conscious Wardrobe

You buy less, save more, and reduce the footprint (we all know how rushed we are for work these days). By choosing a sustainable wardrobe you not only do better by yourself but the planet as well!


With the help of xSuit, we can all reduce our carbon footprint and have a more sustainable wardrobe without the hassle of shopping or any other maintenance! The suit was designed to replace 5 standard outfits purchased from mass-market brands and doesn't shrink or change shape when washed - even after several wearings.


But the best benefit of all? The peace of mind you have knowing you are dressing with suit that is made to make you feel your best.