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Stretch comfort. Stain resistant.
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Lightweight &


6-Way Stretch Fabric

Maximum Comfort & Freedom

We all know how restrictive and uncomfortable dress shirts can feel. The xShirt's 6-way stretch fabric and threading allow you to move with full freedom and range of motion.

You won't believe you're wearing a dress shirt.

Liquid Repellant

Worry-free stain protection

Liquid-repellant nanotechnology embedded in the fibers of the xShirt provides long-lasting protection against stains and accidental spills.

Those annoying little stains will soon become a thing of the past.

Wrinkle Resistant

No more ironing & steaming

Wrinkle-resistant fabric alleviates the need for constant ironing or pressing.

You can pack the xShirt in a suitcase, back pack or gym bag without worrying about getting it wrinkled.

Odor Resistant

Less smells, less washing

Odor resistant technology in the fabric prevents the xSuit from absorbing smells and putting others off.

You can wear the xShirt day in and day out without worrying about funky odors or having to get it dry cleaned so often.

xShirt vs Others
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Customer Reviews
What people who've switched to xShirt have to say

"These shirts stay wrinkle free all day. At 4:00 or 5:00pm the shirt still looks as good as when I first put it on in the morning."

- Phil N.

"Wow, I am amazed at the material used for this shirt! It has a beautiful sheen to the fabric and the cut and fit are perfect."

- Sam T.

"I'm a repeat customer, so I may be biased about what a great product xSuit delivers-- from customer service through the packaging of the shirts quality is built in and delivered!"

- Andre L.

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