Dress Socks for Every Personality - XSuit

Dress Socks for Every Personality

Socks can signal a wild array of individuality from within that civilian uniform known as the xSuit. Like a window into your soul, your socks are a part fingerprint, part flag - a comfy, style-y and spectacular palette that stakes your claim in the world. They might somehow indicate that you went to Harvard, or proudly proclaim that you love Picasso (or that you’re obsessed with unicorns and rainbows and glitter, or what have you). Or maybe they do their job with a strong written message like ‘Don’t tread on me!’ or ‘Don’t kill my vibe!’.

Should you hem your xSuit pants so that they break with a conventional crease upfront, falling just beneath your shoes’ heel in back, or just a tad higher exposing a mere sliver of personality when exposed, the glimpse will read rather conservative or just ‘fun enough’. If you hem your pants higher/shorter to unveil significantly more of your ‘sock Picasso,’ you can really show onlookers that they are dealing not with a ‘square’ but with a cubist, ahem. Not to mention, we’re all about more sock and shoe on show. We say you just go for it.

If you are one to rely on enduring tradition, well then, the basic rule of thumb for men's socks is an easy one: The color of your socks should match the color of your pants. That means wearing black socks with black pants, charcoal socks with charcoal pants, and so on.

However, if you are one to let go with playful innovation, then sock ‘swag’ is the perfect way to add some ‘bling’, to make a real statement. Well-selected shirts, ties, shoes, pocket squares, even belts, and cuff links or tie clips can all work to spice things up, but we’re partial to wonderfully unusual ankle coverage on a well-dressed man. The days of nothing but plain black dress socks are a thing of the past. Save the silks for black tie and unusually special occasions. A new world is afoot.

So what do your socks say about you? Are you rebellious? Intriguing? Or just brilliant?

Funny enough, a Harvard University study found that people who wear eccentric socks are usually more successful. Don’t believe us? Look it up; it’s a quick Google search. Whether it’s bold, audacious colors, eye-catching patterns, or novelty repeats, the social standard for men’s socks has shifted in a major way. The necktie is no longer the sultan of the sartorial flair.

This time, the well-dressed man crosses his leg to reveal that he’s wearing something special beneath, with tiny polka dots. Or mini soccer balls, or jolly Rogers, or little slices of pizza. Again, whatever you’re into.

We also like argyle (remember that there’s life beyond brown). Simply match according to your pants, your shoes and/or where you’re headed.

Just no white socks, please. Unless you can out-moonwalk the King of Pop. And even then, we’re not sure we can endorse. We would rather see a man with no socks. Consider those all-but-invisible low-cut loafer socks - you know, ‘no-shows’ to soak up your perspiration and keep you comfortable while keeping that no-sock look. By the way, they make these with style and quality now so you don’t have to be embarrassed if you get lucky and have to remove your shoes to unveil your tiny little pair of baby-man hoes.


Here’s a source: https://www.gq.com/gallery/best-no-show-socks-for-men

But these days, the bare-ankle is not exactly a mere fashion move—it’s simply what you do when it’s hot out, whether you work in finance or graphic design. Not wearing socks has become a kind of style shorthand, to communicate that you get it, even if you’re not entirely sure what it is. 

Yes, socks are back. No vestiary detail is too small to take seriously.

So, Say it with a sock. In fact, that’s the name of just one company who takes socks seriously and you can join their sock of the month club to receive your share every thirty days (subscriptions start at just $11.99/mo). 

And we quote:

Crazy, Fun Patterns

Think TacoSaurus or Beer Pong socks. You gotta sense of adventure, a rebellious streak and ain’t gonna let nobody put your feet in a corner. Crazy creative patterns show that you are approachable and will probably strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere and within minutes could be bungee jumping or hopping a train to California.

Vibrant Block Patterns

Hello, Boss Bitch and Alpha Male. You mean business, are hungry for power and can get a ton of shit done. Huge business meeting? You got this. Ready to take over the world? No problem. Filled with strength and wisdom? Obviously.


Your vivacious and innovative but crave a little formal structure. You prefer a more subtle, chilled out a revolution against conformity and believe killer style will lead the way. The arsenal of striped socks in your drawer is stealthily building your brand as a creative and gutsy mover and shaker that is totally expected to break and bend the rules.


You golf. You’re obsessed. You’re not reading this blog because you are golfing.


You are either incredibly lazy or you are a true free spirit that refuses to be dictated by social standards. You’re independent, confident, a visionary and possibly a slob, but you are turning heads and making one helluva statement. People wish they had your balls and such a quick morning routine.

White Sock

You’re boring and your mother is still doing your shopping. White sock means no sparkle and pop in your personality.

That about does it. If you’d like to check out another expert source, Paul Smith makes exceptionally stylish men's socks with serious street cred - the perfect way to accent your xSuit ensemble with yet another touch of class and personality. They have been leading the way for decades. 

Something tells us it’s time you rearrange your sock drawer. Oh, and we’ve come to the conclusion that dryer lint is the cremated remains of all missing socks.

Happy trails, gentlemen. Time to find the right flexible suit style to match your funky personality-clad socks.