Why Every Man Wants to Look Like James Bond, In a xSuit.

    We interviewed a few men (and women, for balance) on this topic, but that turned out to be unnecessary. The answer is obvious, and the logic behind it is practically ancient: Lots of women are attracted to the James Bond of their time and place, therefore lots of men want to be James Bond, or at least look like him.


    Let’s run some inventory of the dangerous,                                              

    bad boy identity:  the devil-may-care  womanizing which nobody calls by its name (the guy is not a predator, he’s just naturally alluring); the martini stirred, not shaken; the cold, yet slightly invasive stare with a touch of indifference, which is almost always a tactic; the posture and build, lean and muscular but not too much; the animal magnetism; move like a big cat; keep it smooth and, until you pounce, keep it elegant. 

    Which brings us to our key point.

    If it had existed when 007 first existed on paperback or screen, the xSuit would have probably been the Bond suit. Here’s a character who looks impeccably dressed both before and after fighting to the death, jumping body and soul into adventures that might threaten him within an inch of his life. The mystery would remain inviolate: How does our secret agent manage to survive without a spot or, even a wrinkle?

    What’s more, all of the futuristic contraptions that glamorously litter Bond’s missions would go well with a comfortable suit, designed for the future (even the xSuits are replete with secret pockets). Ideal for travel, stain resistant, odor resistant, liquid-resistant, no ironing, spare dry cleaning. Crafted in specially treated, rich but lightweight fabrics in black or other cool, dark hues, futuristic performance suits for a perfect fit and unscathed appearance no matter what. treated, rich but lightweight fabrics in black or other cool, dark hues, for a perfect fit and unscathed appearance no matter what.

    So, what say you? If it’s a contemporary look you seek of the legendary action guy, ladies’ man, who will vanquish all odds for queen and country, never a martini spilling on his shirt (and if it does, so what?), the brand you want is Suit. X-Suit.

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